Freitag, 14. Januar 2011

Hello everybody!!!

This is my first blog entry. I'm very excited!! (*≧▽≦)
My english is not that good. But i will try my best!!

I think it's the best with starting to introduce myself at the beginning.

Here are some general information:
height: 1.68
weight: 51 kg
birthday: 18.04
age: 17
hobbies: friends, gyaru fashion, nails, shopping, watching drama, ....

I like gyaru fashion since 3 years. Every month I get my 3 magazines: Egg, Ranzuki and Ageha. My favourite models are Abe Nicole, Suzuki Aya and Hosoi Hiromi. I really love them!!! ♥

Enjoy my blog and follow my daily life. ;)

Thank you for reading!! :D

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  1. ooh egg, ranzuki and ageha are my fav. magaziness also *_________________*