Samstag, 26. Februar 2011

Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011

valentines day

ok valentinesday is already over but I wanted to show you what I've made

matcha chocolate. it tasted so good I ate them all haha

ok that was a short not interesting post ;)

Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

Bunnyday???, new clothes & Popteen

Today me and my friend Cami went to the city center. There I had to take some pictures for my passport and for the FOS. When I entered the subway Cami was already waiting and behind her there were two girls in rabbitcostumes. xD It was so funny. It’s not easter, right??? O.o So why did they choose this costume in winter??? Anyway it was a lot of fun!!
The girls walked the same way so i grab the chance to ask them for a photo. They laughed and agreed. :D Apparently the were in a hurry so I couldn’t ask for their names.

Then we went to Tally Weiljl and what did we see??? 2 pink bunnies!!! xDD
Gorgeous!!! That was the highlight of the day!!! You don’t see everyday 4 bunnys on the streets! xD They were two young men with sunglasses who gave away some sweets and pink balloons. I also got some sweets! :D
And then we took some pictures of them but the boys wanted to be unrecognised so I pixelated their faces:

Therefore we continue our shopping tour. :) We also went to Mister&Lady Jeans and H&M. There I found some very cute clothes:

Hello Kitty Pyjama

Hat (H&M)
T-shirt (H&M)
Shorts (Tally Weiljl)

(Mister&Lady Jeans)

(Mister&Lady Jeans)

And my first Popteen arrived!!! Yeahhh !!!

♥ Thanks for reading!!! ♥

Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

new stuff, my nails and a funny day at school!!!


yesterday i bought some stuff in the regular store dm:

i bought this cute chococat plush doll!
I love it!!!! It' sooo cute! *_*

and I also bought some nail polish:

and my nails:

I used the 1st and the 3rd nail polish.

Yesterday we had a special day at school. It was the "overdressed day". Finally most of the people came in their party outfit.
One of my classmates has worn some glitter mc hammer trousers. xD She looked like a glitter ball!
Sadly i have no pictures! :(

In the last school lesson we made some funny photos:

xD lol


and one nice picture with Cami :)

thanks for reading!!

~ bye bye ~

Samstag, 5. Februar 2011

shopping week


These week I was a little bit shopping addicted @_@. So I've bought a lot haha. And I like socks really much at the moment.
I've bought them from accesoirze and claires. I love overknee socks ♥. unfortunately you can't see the pattern on the black tights. It's with hearts haha-

And on Friday... I went to Rossmann and bought some cheap make-up. But it's really good. I've only paid 7 € !!! I've bought rouge, mascara and eyeliner :D

I also bought some clothes!

isn't it cute ( ´∀`)? But my mother said I would look like a kindergarten child  ( >_< ).

I also went to  chinese restaurant with a friend. I was not satiesfied with my outfit. ah It's so difficult every time haha.
please don't laugh (* ̄m ̄)

Dienstag, 1. Februar 2011

よろしく (≧∇≦)/

Hello Hello.
It's me, Meri.

so Shaya and me are both lazy writers.. so we thought about doing a blog together (・∀・).

Of course you get some interesting things about me too.

height: 1.54
weight:  45
age:       20 T_T
birthday: 12.12
hobbies: cooking, sleeping, beeing lazy

mhh.. I'm interested in gyaru stuff since..2007 or 2008 I think but I started to dress like gyaru in 2009 (´・ω・`). And I have to say I don't have a favourite model. But Sakurina is cute I think.


Let's start with a first Post about my japantrip in august 2010!

So let’s start with….my japan trip??
I wanted to go there since I don’T know.. since I was 11 years old. My father said when I got my school finished we will go to japan. I finished school but no japan.. then he said when you finished that and did that and bla. So I was thinking my father makes jokes. I earned some money in a job training like school. I had enough money for a flight. And I bought a ticket! That was in Juni~August 2010. And I went  with a friend to japan from 24th august till 30th august. It was really short but I really enjoyed it.So august is really hot in japan. I felt like I was in a big sauna. The first day was really stressy. It was hot..we couldn’t find our hotel. The luggage was heavy and a mosquito bought me ( -_- ). And somebody who lives in tokyo wanted to meet me so I had to hurry.
I’ve been to akihabara every day haha. Thanks to my otaku friend. But he showed me a really good kareraisu (curry rice) restaurant. Hell that was so yummy! No wonder the people waited in a row. Also went to a game hall. Otaku went to his fighting games and I tried to play taiko no tatsujin. I’ve only played it on nintendo ds and wii. It was really difficult so I asked some japanese boys to help me :). There were also a lot of purikura machine. You could try on a Cosplay and make purikura with it!

Shinjuku was quite nice too. I’ve heard about ALTA. So I went to it and first I saw Liz Lisa shop and I was quite happy. And I bought some heels from esperanza. I love them. They are comfortable to wear and they are in my size. In germany I can’T buy shoes in my size because my feet are to small. Damn it (-。-; . And they look so pretty ♥♥♥. I also went to kabuki-chou to see some good looking hosts hehe~. But I went with my otaku friend on the first time. So they didn’T talk to me. But a grandfather did when my friend was in a supermarket. The old man asked me for a date :s. He talked and talked and talked. Second time in shinjuku I was alone and damn like every 3 minutes a host approached me. I thought they don’t like foreigners. But most of them asked me about my age. But I was not 21 so they left me :’(. There were also a pretty one and his english was quite good. He asked me if heineken is a german beer and If I like drinking beer haha. He was kinda cute. He asked me if I would be hungry or thirsty and If we can go eat together. But I knew he was host. Sadly.. If he wasn’T I would say yes.

Shibuya, my favourite place! Because of shibuya 109 and good looking men haha. I was drooling all the time. I went to shibuya 109 twice and bought some nice stuff. Like a bikini for 100€ ( x_X ).. When I bought it I thought it was 10€. But It looks cute!!! I also bought something from tralala. It was a tshirt. and It was cheap ;D so yeah.. Also stuff for yukata. Bought some for me and my friend Grace ♥. I was calling her to ask what colour she likes and forgot the time differencei n germany hahaha. It was like 7 am in the morning. Sorry Grace. Of course I was taking a photo of hachiko..with karate clothes because it was world karate cup.

Harajuku was not like I expected. I thought there were every where v-kei people. I’ve only saw a few!!! And there were hosts too XD. Are they everywhere? Because I felt like they where everywhere. Shibuya,Shinjuku and Harajuku @_@. Oh and thanks to kiddyland. Otaku and me were sitting in front of kiddy land because there was w-lan!

Odaiba was a little bit boring. But I’ve met with a japanese friend there. We went to games hall and played taiko and car race. The firework was boring..only a few minutes.