Dienstag, 1. Februar 2011

よろしく (≧∇≦)/

Hello Hello.
It's me, Meri.

so Shaya and me are both lazy writers.. so we thought about doing a blog together (・∀・).

Of course you get some interesting things about me too.

height: 1.54
weight:  45
age:       20 T_T
birthday: 12.12
hobbies: cooking, sleeping, beeing lazy

mhh.. I'm interested in gyaru stuff since..2007 or 2008 I think but I started to dress like gyaru in 2009 (´・ω・`). And I have to say I don't have a favourite model. But Sakurina is cute I think.


Let's start with a first Post about my japantrip in august 2010!

So let’s start with….my japan trip??
I wanted to go there since I don’T know.. since I was 11 years old. My father said when I got my school finished we will go to japan. I finished school but no japan.. then he said when you finished that and did that and bla. So I was thinking my father makes jokes. I earned some money in a job training like school. I had enough money for a flight. And I bought a ticket! That was in Juni~August 2010. And I went  with a friend to japan from 24th august till 30th august. It was really short but I really enjoyed it.So august is really hot in japan. I felt like I was in a big sauna. The first day was really stressy. It was hot..we couldn’t find our hotel. The luggage was heavy and a mosquito bought me ( -_- ). And somebody who lives in tokyo wanted to meet me so I had to hurry.
I’ve been to akihabara every day haha. Thanks to my otaku friend. But he showed me a really good kareraisu (curry rice) restaurant. Hell that was so yummy! No wonder the people waited in a row. Also went to a game hall. Otaku went to his fighting games and I tried to play taiko no tatsujin. I’ve only played it on nintendo ds and wii. It was really difficult so I asked some japanese boys to help me :). There were also a lot of purikura machine. You could try on a Cosplay and make purikura with it!

Shinjuku was quite nice too. I’ve heard about ALTA. So I went to it and first I saw Liz Lisa shop and I was quite happy. And I bought some heels from esperanza. I love them. They are comfortable to wear and they are in my size. In germany I can’T buy shoes in my size because my feet are to small. Damn it (-。-; . And they look so pretty ♥♥♥. I also went to kabuki-chou to see some good looking hosts hehe~. But I went with my otaku friend on the first time. So they didn’T talk to me. But a grandfather did when my friend was in a supermarket. The old man asked me for a date :s. He talked and talked and talked. Second time in shinjuku I was alone and damn like every 3 minutes a host approached me. I thought they don’t like foreigners. But most of them asked me about my age. But I was not 21 so they left me :’(. There were also a pretty one and his english was quite good. He asked me if heineken is a german beer and If I like drinking beer haha. He was kinda cute. He asked me if I would be hungry or thirsty and If we can go eat together. But I knew he was host. Sadly.. If he wasn’T I would say yes.

Shibuya, my favourite place! Because of shibuya 109 and good looking men haha. I was drooling all the time. I went to shibuya 109 twice and bought some nice stuff. Like a bikini for 100€ ( x_X ).. When I bought it I thought it was 10€. But It looks cute!!! I also bought something from tralala. It was a tshirt. and It was cheap ;D so yeah.. Also stuff for yukata. Bought some for me and my friend Grace ♥. I was calling her to ask what colour she likes and forgot the time differencei n germany hahaha. It was like 7 am in the morning. Sorry Grace. Of course I was taking a photo of hachiko..with karate clothes because it was world karate cup.

Harajuku was not like I expected. I thought there were every where v-kei people. I’ve only saw a few!!! And there were hosts too XD. Are they everywhere? Because I felt like they where everywhere. Shibuya,Shinjuku and Harajuku @_@. Oh and thanks to kiddyland. Otaku and me were sitting in front of kiddy land because there was w-lan!

Odaiba was a little bit boring. But I’ve met with a japanese friend there. We went to games hall and played taiko and car race. The firework was boring..only a few minutes.


  1. is it u?
    i really love ur look
    what hair colour u use?

  2. no, it's not me. in the past i blogged with her together.