Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

Bunnyday???, new clothes & Popteen

Today me and my friend Cami went to the city center. There I had to take some pictures for my passport and for the FOS. When I entered the subway Cami was already waiting and behind her there were two girls in rabbitcostumes. xD It was so funny. It’s not easter, right??? O.o So why did they choose this costume in winter??? Anyway it was a lot of fun!!
The girls walked the same way so i grab the chance to ask them for a photo. They laughed and agreed. :D Apparently the were in a hurry so I couldn’t ask for their names.

Then we went to Tally Weiljl and what did we see??? 2 pink bunnies!!! xDD
Gorgeous!!! That was the highlight of the day!!! You don’t see everyday 4 bunnys on the streets! xD They were two young men with sunglasses who gave away some sweets and pink balloons. I also got some sweets! :D
And then we took some pictures of them but the boys wanted to be unrecognised so I pixelated their faces:

Therefore we continue our shopping tour. :) We also went to Mister&Lady Jeans and H&M. There I found some very cute clothes:

Hello Kitty Pyjama

Hat (H&M)
T-shirt (H&M)
Shorts (Tally Weiljl)

(Mister&Lady Jeans)

(Mister&Lady Jeans)

And my first Popteen arrived!!! Yeahhh !!!

♥ Thanks for reading!!! ♥

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