Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

new stuff, my nails and a funny day at school!!!


yesterday i bought some stuff in the regular store dm:

i bought this cute chococat plush doll!
I love it!!!! It' sooo cute! *_*

and I also bought some nail polish:

and my nails:

I used the 1st and the 3rd nail polish.

Yesterday we had a special day at school. It was the "overdressed day". Finally most of the people came in their party outfit.
One of my classmates has worn some glitter mc hammer trousers. xD She looked like a glitter ball!
Sadly i have no pictures! :(

In the last school lesson we made some funny photos:

xD lol


and one nice picture with Cami :)

thanks for reading!!

~ bye bye ~

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