Sonntag, 20. März 2011


Hello my lovely gals,

Yesterday Don, Song, Meli and I went to the book fair in Leipzig.
We leaved Nuremberg at 11:30. I had to get up at 8 o’clock! -.-
After 3 hours we arrived in Leippzig!

We took a photo in front of the book fair:

As we arrived in Leipzig we should meet kitai. But everything was so big and huge and we didn’t know where to go! o.O
After a while we finally found Kitai. xD

First we talked a little bit. But later we looked around.
There were some really funny cosplayer. And most of them looked so bad! xD We laughed a lot. Sometime we saw a spiderman and his costume was sooo tight!! You could see EVERYTHING!!! That was a little bit disgusting but somehow it was so funny!

I haven’t took a lot of pictures of the cosplayers because the most of them looked like shit! -.- But anyway .. some of them did there job very well!

I was very surprised that some people ask me for a picture! :D

And here are the photos:

das Ohngesicht!!

Ryuk from Death Note

Kyuubi with 4 tails

the monster from Pans Labyrinth

Chopper from One Piece

Black Swan

Ice Age

Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean

I bought this cute Korilakkuma! Isn't it cuuute??? ♥

Later we met some others gals:

from left to right: Meli, Me, Kitai, Anna Sophie and Sascha

We also took a photo of Don and Song:
Barney Stinson pose xD

At 6 o'clock we went home!
I was bored so Don had to take a picture with me in the car! xD

Bye Bye Gals!!



  1. des ohngesicht hat mich übern haufen gerannt xD

    war froh euch getroffen zu haben : 3
    hoffe wir sehn uns bald wieder

  2. haha wie geil! xD
    ja. war echt toll dich kennen zu lernen!
    Wir sehen uns bestimmt wieder!
    Gehst du zum den Japantag?


  3. düsseldorf? hab ich vor : 3

    und nach nürnberg komm ich nächsten monat auch

  4. IT was so cool to meet you girls! you look great! I'm proud that we have such great gals in germany!

  5. Es war auch toll dich zu treffen! :D Ich hoffe wir sehen uns bald wieder!

  6. ihr seht total süß aus *-* da wird man ja neidisch!
    und die cosplay bilder sind auch der hammer, es gibt halt doch noch gute cosplayer ^-^