Montag, 28. März 2011

my weekend with graziello :)

Hey guys,

last weekend I've been to my friend Graziella in Leverkusen.the last time i saw her was in oktober.
A friend of mine and me went to leverkusen by car. we needed 4 hours :s!!! But we had a break in frankfurt and went to bubble tea shop and drunk very tasty bubble tea! I had banana with yogurt popping boba :D. If you go to frankfurt go to the bubble tea shop!!!
After 2 hours we arrived in Leverkusen. It was evening then. And I was tired as hell :'( because I didn't sleep much. So we didnt do much only talking and watching hot guys on youtube! And she gave me cute stuff like fake lashes, blush from etude house. She bought it when she have been to the philippines.
Thank you very much Mr. Graziello ;)

On Saturday we went to Düsseldorf and took some purikura and met 2 other guys ;). It was really funny with them haha

After that we went to Cafe relax. I was the only one who orderd food :'(. I had very very yummy curry rice. Unfortunately I couldn't eat everything..and nobdy wanted it. But it was sooo yummmmy ahhh T_T...
when I look at that photo I become hungry ( ´A` ).... Have you guys tried curry rice before? Please tell me!!!

bye bye



  1. ohhh der curryreis sieht super aus ´A`~
    ich glaub ich muss da auch mal hin!! XD

    die puris sind voll schön <333

  2. Wo ist denn der bubble tea shop ? Geh im April nach Frankfurt und mag auch gerne dahin :3