Samstag, 30. April 2011

♥ Hello Kitty Stuff

Hey honeys,

today my mum went shopping and she brought some hello kitty stuff for me!! :D

She bought 2 Hello Kitty cups, 1 Hello Kitty folder and a couple of Hello Kitty flip-flops. :D

bye bye


♥ Flo Rida Concert & Shopping

What's up? I hope you are all fine!

Yesterday I went with a friend to the Flo Rida Concert in Erlangen.
I'm not a very big fan of Flor Rida. Mostly I hear his music in clubs and discos but I like it.

We waited 1 1/2 hours for Flo Rida. -.- I was really pissed off. Why are stars always late? o.O
Anyway, the concert was quite good but he played just for 50 minutes! o.O
Flo Rida gives his fans some necklaces and sneekers. They looked very expensive!! I also wanted some but he didn't gave me some! D: In the end of the concert he came to the other side of the audience where I stood. Ii was just 1 meter between us! :D lol he is so muscular and his bodyguards too!!! They were like 5m high and 3meter wide! xD lol. Nearly one of them  run into me and knocked me down!! lol But luckily I run away! xDD
Overall I had a great time!

Actually I ordered some shoes from yestyle but they were out of stock!!! -.- Like every 2nd thing on yesstyle! -.- But on the website you can still add them to your shoppingbag! -.- grrrrrrrr ... that makes me angry!!! The shoes were soooo beautiful!!

So I bought this shoes at HUMANIC. I love this store! The shoes are expensive but they have so much pretty high heels!! ♥♥♥ :D

And I finally found some cute socks!!! :D You can see them wear models in Popteen and Ranzuki! I think they are sooo cute! >.<

Good night my lovely gals!!!


Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

♥ SWEET 18 ♥

Hello my lovely gals,

I'm so sorry for not posting so long but this week I was very busy with clubbing! xD lol I went everyday to antother disco or bar. Right now I'm very exhausted and I needed one day to stay at home and relax. But now I'm relaxed so I have time to post. In the futer i will post more and I will do my best to be a good blogger. :)

On Moday, 18th of April, was my 18th birthday! :D In Germany you are now full-aged! So I can go to discos for people at the age of 18 (but that's nothing new for me. if you are a pretty girl you can go to any disco! :P) and I can drive a car. But i will do my driver licence in the summer holidays!

I was very surprised that the weather was sunny and warm! I was so happy because on my last 3 or 4 birthdays it was rainy! :(

On the pictures I wear the GEO Princess Mimi Green. I will do a review about them and the Barbie King Size Brown in the next days.

My mum has baked me a cake:
The pic is very bad but I couldn't wait until the morning so I ate the cake at 12. xD lol
soooo yummy~ ♥

My mum gives me the Wii and two v.i.p. cards for Bülent Ceylan. In Germany he is an very famous comedian. He has had a show on RTL.

These are all presents from my friends! I wanted to say thank you and I was happy that everybody came to my birthdayparty! You are all so sweet!! I ♥ you guys so much! I had a great time with you!!! 
On Thursday I celebrated my birthday with a friend together because her birthday was on the 21st. We went to a cocktail lounge called Loom. It's my favourite cocktail bar because the decoration is very modern and classy. And they have Shishas too! :D

my party outfit:

On this pic I wear the GEO Princess Mimi Green and the Diamand Lashes (upper lash: angel eye; lower lash: princess eye) I will make a review about the lenses and the lashes!
lol....I should cut my bang! >.<

The lenses are from This cute case came for free with them. My parcel was delivered within 3 or 4 days!! The delivery is very fast! :D
The lashes and the rest are from The delivery was also very fast! That's great because I hate to wait for my things I bought! xD

My nails: I thought the design is nice for spring and easter!! :

bye bye and good night!! its 3 o'clock in the morning! -.-


Dienstag, 19. April 2011

spring time

Yeah finally it's spring. Because my nose is itchy all the time ヽ(`Д´)ノ!! And I can see blossoms. These days I really take photos of blossoms a lot.

Yesterday would be my flight to japan. But I canceld it because my parents worried about me. I wish I wouldn'T listen to them. So maybe I will go japan with a friend in september/october. I hope it works.

At the weekend Im in London. yeah! I try to take a lot of photos :)

Ah and i really like Ayaman Japans Song. It's so catchy and they are so funny. So when I've bought the new popteen I was really surprised when I saw Ayaman in it hahah! With dance lesson.

I want to learn it :D

Samstag, 16. April 2011

♥ EGG SCANS: 2011 Manba Returns!!!

Hi gals,

in the last post I promised to post some EGG scans! Here they are:
I don't think I have to say something about them. Just great. I missed the style so much! I think Manba wouldn't sweet me at all but I love to see the make up on other people. The EGG models look great with the Manba make-up!! Just awesome!! >_<

d.i.a. mirror

Something I wanted to mention (it's just my opinion), but did you noticed that many gal models are white?!? They don't tan anymore. Not every gal should have tanned skin but in magazines like ranzuki and especially egg??? Egg was THE gal magazine!! They all were tanned and manba and ganguro were very common. But now egg gets more and more boring. I have the feeling they become more like normal people. Then it's just normal fashion and nothing special. Is it just my opinion or do you think the same? It's just sad because I loved the old egg magazines and the old gal style! :(



Montag, 11. April 2011


Hey honeys,

on Sunday was gyaru meet up on the cherryblossomfestival in Fürth.
The meeting point was on the main station in Fürth.
The day was just amazing. It was so much fun and nice to meet such great people!
Thanks guys for the beautiful day!!! ♥

As we had to wait for Meli we took some pics at the main station!

From left to right. Yaya, Suzu, Kitai, Foo, Tanita
From left to right: Yaya, Kitai, Suzu, Tanita, Foofy

From the main station we had to go by bus for 5 minutes. As we arrived we saw a lot of people who were cosplaying. But i didn't took any pictures because their cosplay outfits were not that good.
The weather was really great. It was very warm but not to hot. So the weather was perfect.
As we arrived at the festival we met Hinabi and Terra. They were eating in a restaurant so we decided to look around. But they haven't had anything special. It was a little bit disoppointing! I expectet they had more japanese stuff! :(
I wanted to eat sushi. I stand in a line for 15 minutes. -.- and there were just a few people!!
Finally I could order what I wanted to eat. And than I had to wait again 15 minutes for my food! -.-
At least it was yummy!
I had maki sushi with cucumber and pumpkin!

After eating we laid in the sun and talked for the rest of the day! :)
Hinabi took her egg along. In the egg there was a d.i.a mirrow. She had the red one with the amarica flag. But luckily my egg came today and I got the mirrow with the zebra pattern. :D
And there is a manba special in the magazine too!! :)
I will post in the next few days some egg, ranzuki and popteen scans!

Foofy is so cute. She is such a great gal! I first met her on the book fair in Leipzig but there I was totally excited about her! I like the way she looks and her outfits. She is a very beautiful girl and I had a lot of fun with her. Kitai asked her to join the Gal Cir. Me and Suzu immediatly argeed. Today we asked the other members of Himeberry and they agreed too. Now she is an offical member of Himeberry!! :D

I'm warning you. Now I will post a lot of pictures! PHOTO SPAM!!!! 
I eliminated as much as I can but at the end there were still lots of pictures. But I wanted to show them to you because they are nice! :D

Terra & Yaya

Hinabi & Kitai
From left to right: Yaya, Suzu, Terra, Foo, Hinabi, Kitai

thx for reading!
Good Night!