Samstag, 16. April 2011

♥ EGG SCANS: 2011 Manba Returns!!!

Hi gals,

in the last post I promised to post some EGG scans! Here they are:
I don't think I have to say something about them. Just great. I missed the style so much! I think Manba wouldn't sweet me at all but I love to see the make up on other people. The EGG models look great with the Manba make-up!! Just awesome!! >_<

d.i.a. mirror

Something I wanted to mention (it's just my opinion), but did you noticed that many gal models are white?!? They don't tan anymore. Not every gal should have tanned skin but in magazines like ranzuki and especially egg??? Egg was THE gal magazine!! They all were tanned and manba and ganguro were very common. But now egg gets more and more boring. I have the feeling they become more like normal people. Then it's just normal fashion and nothing special. Is it just my opinion or do you think the same? It's just sad because I loved the old egg magazines and the old gal style! :(




  1. uuuhm..I don't like manba..a bit tan is okay..but this strange white makeup, dark skin..I don't know..oo'
    But I accept that other people like it^^
    Surely there are people who look good with it^^

  2. ach ja, du hast doch extensions oder?^^ die sehen toll aus*,* woher hast du sie und welcher ton ist das?^^

  3. ich hab die aus japan. ist halt kunsthaar aber die qualität ist echt klasse. bin total begeistern von denen: ich glaub die farbe ist die nr.26.
    :D und dann hab ich noch echthaar extensions. die sind von
    die farbe war caramelblond. :)