Montag, 11. April 2011


Hey honeys,

on Sunday was gyaru meet up on the cherryblossomfestival in Fürth.
The meeting point was on the main station in Fürth.
The day was just amazing. It was so much fun and nice to meet such great people!
Thanks guys for the beautiful day!!! ♥

As we had to wait for Meli we took some pics at the main station!

From left to right. Yaya, Suzu, Kitai, Foo, Tanita
From left to right: Yaya, Kitai, Suzu, Tanita, Foofy

From the main station we had to go by bus for 5 minutes. As we arrived we saw a lot of people who were cosplaying. But i didn't took any pictures because their cosplay outfits were not that good.
The weather was really great. It was very warm but not to hot. So the weather was perfect.
As we arrived at the festival we met Hinabi and Terra. They were eating in a restaurant so we decided to look around. But they haven't had anything special. It was a little bit disoppointing! I expectet they had more japanese stuff! :(
I wanted to eat sushi. I stand in a line for 15 minutes. -.- and there were just a few people!!
Finally I could order what I wanted to eat. And than I had to wait again 15 minutes for my food! -.-
At least it was yummy!
I had maki sushi with cucumber and pumpkin!

After eating we laid in the sun and talked for the rest of the day! :)
Hinabi took her egg along. In the egg there was a d.i.a mirrow. She had the red one with the amarica flag. But luckily my egg came today and I got the mirrow with the zebra pattern. :D
And there is a manba special in the magazine too!! :)
I will post in the next few days some egg, ranzuki and popteen scans!

Foofy is so cute. She is such a great gal! I first met her on the book fair in Leipzig but there I was totally excited about her! I like the way she looks and her outfits. She is a very beautiful girl and I had a lot of fun with her. Kitai asked her to join the Gal Cir. Me and Suzu immediatly argeed. Today we asked the other members of Himeberry and they agreed too. Now she is an offical member of Himeberry!! :D

I'm warning you. Now I will post a lot of pictures! PHOTO SPAM!!!! 
I eliminated as much as I can but at the end there were still lots of pictures. But I wanted to show them to you because they are nice! :D

Terra & Yaya

Hinabi & Kitai
From left to right: Yaya, Suzu, Terra, Foo, Hinabi, Kitai

thx for reading!
Good Night!



  1. Superduper post !! Danke fürs editieren meiner Lippen XDD Die Bilder von Foo und dir sind ZU süß ♥

  2. Bitte schön! Hab ich doch gern gemacht! :D bevor man dich mit blauen lippen zu sehen bekommt! xD
    danke schön! ♥