Dienstag, 5. April 2011

New Nails & Clubbing


On Saturday I went with my friend Bine to a club called Loop. It was very funny. We danced and talked alot. Later I saw a classmate. He has a very funny style of dancing! :P There also was good music. They played house and electro.

Here some pics:

Today i bougt my ticket for the train. Because on 28. may there is japanday in Düsseldorf. I'm so excited. Almost every gal form Germany comes to the jpday and boggy peak will also be there. I can't wait to go there!!! :D

And here are some pics of my nails. I hope you will like the design:

bye ~



  1. awwww schöne nägel^^
    aber der japantag wird in den oktober verlegt..leider ._.

  2. danke! ja leider! :( aber ich geh trozdem hin weil ich schon alles gebucht hab. :(
    aber zum glück ist ja des gal treffen noch. boggy peak meets hyper. wird bestimmt lustig mit sovielen gals auf einem haufen. :D