Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

♥ SWEET 18 ♥

Hello my lovely gals,

I'm so sorry for not posting so long but this week I was very busy with clubbing! xD lol I went everyday to antother disco or bar. Right now I'm very exhausted and I needed one day to stay at home and relax. But now I'm relaxed so I have time to post. In the futer i will post more and I will do my best to be a good blogger. :)

On Moday, 18th of April, was my 18th birthday! :D In Germany you are now full-aged! So I can go to discos for people at the age of 18 (but that's nothing new for me. if you are a pretty girl you can go to any disco! :P) and I can drive a car. But i will do my driver licence in the summer holidays!

I was very surprised that the weather was sunny and warm! I was so happy because on my last 3 or 4 birthdays it was rainy! :(

On the pictures I wear the GEO Princess Mimi Green. I will do a review about them and the Barbie King Size Brown in the next days.

My mum has baked me a cake:
The pic is very bad but I couldn't wait until the morning so I ate the cake at 12. xD lol
soooo yummy~ ♥

My mum gives me the Wii and two v.i.p. cards for Bülent Ceylan. In Germany he is an very famous comedian. He has had a show on RTL.

These are all presents from my friends! I wanted to say thank you and I was happy that everybody came to my birthdayparty! You are all so sweet!! I ♥ you guys so much! I had a great time with you!!! 
On Thursday I celebrated my birthday with a friend together because her birthday was on the 21st. We went to a cocktail lounge called Loom. It's my favourite cocktail bar because the decoration is very modern and classy. And they have Shishas too! :D

my party outfit:

On this pic I wear the GEO Princess Mimi Green and the Diamand Lashes (upper lash: angel eye; lower lash: princess eye) I will make a review about the lenses and the lashes!
lol....I should cut my bang! >.<

The lenses are from This cute case came for free with them. My parcel was delivered within 3 or 4 days!! The delivery is very fast! :D
The lashes and the rest are from The delivery was also very fast! That's great because I hate to wait for my things I bought! xD

My nails: I thought the design is nice for spring and easter!! :

bye bye and good night!! its 3 o'clock in the morning! -.-



  1. awwww wie schön du aussiehst! *V*
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich! :3
    Der Kuchen sieht toll aus, hoffentlich bekomm ich morgen auch so einen;o;
    aber ich werde 20 maaaa T.T ihr seit alle noch so jung XD

  2. omg your eyeys look amazing <3 I love the last picture of you :3

  3. Shou-chan: danke!!! ja hoffentlich bekommst du auch ne torte. meine war echt lecker! >.< aber jetzt hab ich das gefühl als ob ich 10 kilo zugenommen hab! xD
    Kitai Fi: thank you honey! ♥

  4. uhh ich warte gespannt auf das linsenreview!! (die geier ich ja schon so ewig an ;A;)
    aber die sehen bei dir iwie so klein aus?XD
    oder zumindest nicht so mega riesig wie bei andern '_'

    & ich steh voll auf deine haare <3

  5. ja das hab ich mir auch schon gedacht! xD lol ... die würden wesentlich größer aussehen wenn die einen schwarzen rand hätten. der rand is eigentlich dunkelgrün aber irgendwie sieht man des auf den fotos aber net. O.o
    danke schön! :D