Montag, 30. Mai 2011

♥ Gal Meet Up In Düsseldorf!!!

Hi gals,

first i want to thank you!!! I already have 34 followers!! That makes me really happy! I never expected that someone would read something about my boring life! xD
Thank you so much!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

On Saturday I went to Düsseldorf! I was really excited that I would meet members of Boggy Peak and Hyper! All of them were sooo kind!!! Sadly I couldn't talk to everyone because there were so many gals! xD haha

And it was the first time I took purikuras! ahhhhhh ♥♥♥
It was so great!!! I love these machines!!! On every picture you look adorable!!! haha

Purikura with Kitai, René and Pai. I also took some with Hinabi. I will post them in the next days! :)

My Outfit for that day:

top: Liz Lisa
skirt: Liz Lisa
boots: Deichmann

Did you notice how tanned I get? very brown! :)
Especially on my shoulder and on the back! I always sit with my back to the sun. lol xD

In the picture I wear diamand lashes and you can see my new extensions. My hair color is brighter. It's light blonde right now! :) I love this color.

Pics with Boggy Peak, Hyper, Pearl and Himeberry!!

They are all so pretty and adorable!!! I felt so ugly in the group of beauties!

The funny samourai!!!

This was a great day! I had a lot of fun and I hope I will see the gals soon again!

I love you all!!!
bye! :)



  1. Wow du siehst so verdammt gut aus !
    und die dunkle haut steht dir so gut !
    das make up, die lashes... genial !!!
    ich liebe es ♥♥♥

  2. danke! ♥♥♥ zu lieb von dir!!
    ich dachte mir diesen sommer werd ich einfach mal kack braun! xD haha

  3. awww schöner post :3
    gut zu wissen dass es so viel gyarus gibt, ich seh nie welche in ddorf ;0;
    ich möchte auch so braun werden;o; werd immer nur rot XD

  4. danke! :)
    mich freut es dass es immer mehr gals in deutschland gibt!
    ich hab jede gelegenheit genutzt und mich in die sonne gestellt! xD

  5. süßer Blog!
    Ich "verfolge" dich mal (^__~)

  6. es war so cool dich wiederzusehen! ich hoffe das können wir bald wieder<3

  7. ja! ich hab mich auch gefreut dich wieder zu sehen! :D
    hoffentlich treffen wir uns bald wieder! :)