Dienstag, 28. Juni 2011

Suzu's Giveaway


my lovely Suzu makes her first  Giveaway.
Please join it. She has some great stuff to give away! :D


Montag, 27. Juni 2011

Japan trip days 4,5,6,7,8

yeah so finally I'm at home but I wanna come back so badly (;´Д`)

ahh and i really forgot what i did on what day hahaha sorry!
I've met Nicola..and she is such a nice girl. We had a lot of fun together I think xD. We went to shin-okubo because i wanted to go to a cafe with hot korean guys hahaha but we couldnt find it so we decided to eat pizza :D!
Of course we went to kabukichou too.. I've been to kabukichou tooooo often in 1 week but that place is the most funniest in tokyo. It cant be helped hahah
We was sitting there because I needed a break. And some hosts came and talked to us..it was kinda funny hahah. I had a song in my head..and i showed nicola how the dance goes and some host said "look the foreign girl is dancing" or something like that.
Oh and nicola got a brown alpaca! We called it sunshine because when we was at kabuki chou there was a host..when he always saw me he said my sunshine hahaha

Oh and I went also to nekobukuro..the cat cafe!!! The cats were so cute but they were pissed i think hahah. They didnt let me pet them T_T.

Ohh and i went to a Host Club hahahahahah.. i was kinda nervous..so much good looking guys xD. But sad i couldnt speak japanese and the most of them didnt speak english. One of the hosts translated everything with mobile phone. That was kinda cute xD and other one could speak a little english. He was so cute so I chose him :D. He got some freckles on his face. tooo cute.. but i forgot his name.. I think it was ryu lol.

Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

♥ Himeberry Meet Up 24.06.2011

Hello my dears,

how are you today?

On Friday my cir had a Meet Up in Erlangen.
We went to the Arcarden. It's a big shopping center.
Erlangen is a beautiful city and the people are very nice. Some of them wanted to take pictures from us and they were interested in our style! :D

First we made the video for the international gal day and then we ate sushi.

Even if it's late: Happy international gal day! ^.^

Lots of  pics now: :D enjoy!!!

My Outfit:
Top: Liz Lisa
Shorts: Liz Lisa
Shoes: Yumetenbo
Socks: Humanic



Girls are always busy with their mobile phones! xD

Now the funny pics: xD

Jenny is the new member of Himeberry! She is very nice and cute! :)

Jenny, me, Foo, Suzu

In the evening there were only Hinabi, Kitai, Suzu and me. We went to a cocktail bar. It was so much fun! xD

Girls I love you and I'm happy that you are my friends! :-* ♥♥♥♥

♥ And thank you so much for the 45 followers!!! I'm so happy! ♥


Montag, 20. Juni 2011

japan day 1,2,3

im in japan now since friday. my flight was from frankfurt airport to narita wtih ANA. I think I like ANA the food was one of the best food i ever had in a airplane xD. After 11 hours flight i was finally in tokyo.. unfortunatley i only could sleep 4 hours.

after my  friend picked me up from airport we went to yokohama.
 to be honest i think yokohama is boring. i went to liz lisa store there and there was a sale so ive bought something or 80 euro. kinda cheapxD/ im happy.

second day i went to chinatown in yokohama. its really nice there. i had some bubble tea, dont good tasting jiaozi and baozi. after that i met a friend at yokohama station and we went to starbucks. omg i really love matcha frappu. after that we took some purikura. yeah and thats it lol.

on sunday i met linda at yokohama station. i really hate yokohama station. its to big and baah confusing. so after half hour we found us haha. we went to shibuya to meet rika and fredrik. after waiting half hour we decided to go to bank but they didnt let me withdraw money. and my friends wallet got stolen. what a day! so we went back to meeting point and after 1 hour they were here lol. first we took purikura.. it was little difficult..we were 9 people hahah. after it we went to somewhere drinked something and had a nice day.

then my friend linda and me went to shinjuku and met other friend of me (the guy on the first puri). he catched 2 alpacas for me. I was really really happy. haha and a grandmother was watching him and talked to him it was funny. with mey 2 alpacas we went to karaoke. i didnt want to because i cant sing but i had to nooooooooooooo..i sung with linda moskau , 99 luftballons and raindrops keep falling on my head. it was soo funnnny ah i loved that day.
 Manfred junior and Gerda

more photos will come soon when im back in germany

Dienstag, 7. Juni 2011

♥ My Transformation & Leopard Nails

Hello my dears,

today i want to show you my transformation in the last years from ugly to gal fashion! :D

What do you think? I don't like me with brown hair! My style that i have now sweets me the most!

On Sunday I've done my nails. I have seen the nail design in the Ranzuki magazine. I love the leopard print!!!

Do you like my nails?? ^.^

Bye bye Gals! ♥

chuuu~ ♥


Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011

♥ Suzu's Birthday

Hello my dears,

yesterday was Suzu's Birthday party.

The meeting point was in Bamberg at the train station. It's an hour from Nürnberg away.

Suzu looked so cute. She has worn a dress from mars. It was a present from her mum! so cute!

Me & Suzu

Kitai, Barbara, Hinabi and Canon were also there to celebrate with Suzu! :D

We had so much fun! First we walked around Bamberg. It's a very nice City with all these old houses and bridges. You could also drive with a boat in the river! Like in Venice! xD

Then we found a nice place to hang out and we talked a lot! The weather was also good. It was very hot! :)

I hope I can see the girls every week. It was so amazing. I felt very comfertable! The girls are so nice and I can talk about everything with them. They are not like my other friends who are not interested in gyaru fashion. I can't talk with them about it. But with Suzu, Kitai, Barbara and Hinabi it's different. When I am with them I feel so good and I feel like they can understand me. It's the first time I really enjoyed beeing gyaru. It's not that I call myself gyaru but it was the first time I felt as one. And I thought it was ok to dress like a gal! When I'm with them I dont mind the other people who stare and talk about us. I feel just comfertable! I love you girls! I'm so happy that you are a part of my life!

Sounds like a big love confession! xD

But anyway! I had so much fun that day! :D

and now: lots of pictures: :D

I don't know where I'm looking at!? xD

We also took some funny pics! xD
Please look at our faces! xD We look like total dorks!!
Suzu are you pregnant??? xDDD
Hair in the face! xDD

At the cocktail bar:

Cocktails! Yummy!! ~♥


I hope you like the entry!
And sorry for my bad english!! >.<

Bye~ ♥


palty milk tea brown

So yeah i was in the mood to change my haircolour because i wanted my original haircolour. So I decided to dye my hair milk tea brown.... but it turned out not milk tea brown xD.

Well yeah I think i didnt mix it properly. first it was all good i put it on my hair.. After 30 minutes I washed my hair and i let it dry and then the big shock.. it was purple/gray/blue.

I've bought it on ebay
 that was in it.. gloves, base water,the hair cream thing, hair treatment, mixing cup with spoon and instruction.

I've tried to do it like on the instruction. But I think i didnt mix it enough hahah.

that was my haircolour before.. it looked kinda red ><

After i washed my hair a few times the purple/blue was washed out yaaay!! And now it looks like that