Montag, 20. Juni 2011

japan day 1,2,3

im in japan now since friday. my flight was from frankfurt airport to narita wtih ANA. I think I like ANA the food was one of the best food i ever had in a airplane xD. After 11 hours flight i was finally in tokyo.. unfortunatley i only could sleep 4 hours.

after my  friend picked me up from airport we went to yokohama.
 to be honest i think yokohama is boring. i went to liz lisa store there and there was a sale so ive bought something or 80 euro. kinda cheapxD/ im happy.

second day i went to chinatown in yokohama. its really nice there. i had some bubble tea, dont good tasting jiaozi and baozi. after that i met a friend at yokohama station and we went to starbucks. omg i really love matcha frappu. after that we took some purikura. yeah and thats it lol.

on sunday i met linda at yokohama station. i really hate yokohama station. its to big and baah confusing. so after half hour we found us haha. we went to shibuya to meet rika and fredrik. after waiting half hour we decided to go to bank but they didnt let me withdraw money. and my friends wallet got stolen. what a day! so we went back to meeting point and after 1 hour they were here lol. first we took purikura.. it was little difficult..we were 9 people hahah. after it we went to somewhere drinked something and had a nice day.

then my friend linda and me went to shinjuku and met other friend of me (the guy on the first puri). he catched 2 alpacas for me. I was really really happy. haha and a grandmother was watching him and talked to him it was funny. with mey 2 alpacas we went to karaoke. i didnt want to because i cant sing but i had to nooooooooooooo..i sung with linda moskau , 99 luftballons and raindrops keep falling on my head. it was soo funnnny ah i loved that day.
 Manfred junior and Gerda

more photos will come soon when im back in germany


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  2. Cute pictures! I hope you have fun in Japan! ♥

  3. yes! i think toooo! i really like to read about your japan trip ;)
    hope you will post more pictures here :)