Montag, 27. Juni 2011

Japan trip days 4,5,6,7,8

yeah so finally I'm at home but I wanna come back so badly (;´Д`)

ahh and i really forgot what i did on what day hahaha sorry!
I've met Nicola..and she is such a nice girl. We had a lot of fun together I think xD. We went to shin-okubo because i wanted to go to a cafe with hot korean guys hahaha but we couldnt find it so we decided to eat pizza :D!
Of course we went to kabukichou too.. I've been to kabukichou tooooo often in 1 week but that place is the most funniest in tokyo. It cant be helped hahah
We was sitting there because I needed a break. And some hosts came and talked to was kinda funny hahah. I had a song in my head..and i showed nicola how the dance goes and some host said "look the foreign girl is dancing" or something like that.
Oh and nicola got a brown alpaca! We called it sunshine because when we was at kabuki chou there was a host..when he always saw me he said my sunshine hahaha

Oh and I went also to nekobukuro..the cat cafe!!! The cats were so cute but they were pissed i think hahah. They didnt let me pet them T_T.

Ohh and i went to a Host Club hahahahahah.. i was kinda much good looking guys xD. But sad i couldnt speak japanese and the most of them didnt speak english. One of the hosts translated everything with mobile phone. That was kinda cute xD and other one could speak a little english. He was so cute so I chose him :D. He got some freckles on his face. tooo cute.. but i forgot his name.. I think it was ryu lol.

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  1. cute pictures❤
    seems like you had a lot of fun!!
    but i dont know, what is kabukichou?haha
    its in shinjuku? i have been there but maybe i dont know where it is excatly... :D