Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011

palty milk tea brown

So yeah i was in the mood to change my haircolour because i wanted my original haircolour. So I decided to dye my hair milk tea brown.... but it turned out not milk tea brown xD.

Well yeah I think i didnt mix it properly. first it was all good i put it on my hair.. After 30 minutes I washed my hair and i let it dry and then the big shock.. it was purple/gray/blue.

I've bought it on ebay
 that was in it.. gloves, base water,the hair cream thing, hair treatment, mixing cup with spoon and instruction.

I've tried to do it like on the instruction. But I think i didnt mix it enough hahah.

that was my haircolour before.. it looked kinda red ><

After i washed my hair a few times the purple/blue was washed out yaaay!! And now it looks like that


  1. Vorher war deine Haarfarbe doch schön! ><
    Aber auch wenn es nicht wirklich milktea braun geworden ist finde ich die Haarfarbe schick. :D
    Sehr Gal-ig hehe. ♥

  2. find ich allerdings auch♥ :D ich mag beide haarfarben aber die jetzt ist auch gut :o wären meine haare nicht so kaputt würd ich mir die auch so färben wollen (;3;)

  3. Hi your blog is nice!! Milk Tea Brown really suit to you ^^ i love it. I am interrested to try that hair dye too but i was wondering if the color last more than a month? I'm a fraid that the colour wash out so fast and change into an orangy color. :)