Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011

♥ AV Gals & Gyaru Secrets


I wanted to post something about AV gals! I think they are gorgeous!!! *.*

One of my favourite AV gyarus is Cocona. She is sooo cute! I love her style. And she always has great nails! Actually she could kill somebody with them!!! xD haha
Anyway ... I love her!!! ♥

Here a litte picture spam!!! :D

What do you think of AV gals??? Some people hate them because they do porn! I don't care. Everbody can do what he wants. I also don't like this porn stuff so I don't watch it. I don't know why people always watch things or deal with the things they hate! Anyway, I think AV gals look great. Their make-up and their style is amazing! They look more gal than some of these Popteen models!!!

Thank you for the 56 followers and the nice secret!!!!

Thank you sooooo much!!!!! ♥♥♥ chu~♥

bye bye



  1. Agreed! I can't understand why people are allways against AV gals... Ok they do porn, but that's their job and it's not our case to come and tell how they should live their lives. It's everyones own choice. They look absolutely gorgeous, more gal than most of popteen models as you said, so why should their job make them any less amazing?

  2. I also hate porn and don't watch it, but I still love AV gals because they are sexy. ♥