Freitag, 29. Juli 2011

What I bought in japan

Ahh long time that  I didn't write something. Sorry guys >_<!
So I wanna tell you what I've bought in Japan. It's nothing much.

I went to Liz Lisa and there was big sale. I've bought a few things and i only paid 80€ for all!!! My favourite is that shirt. But I lost the second feather (´;ω;`) And in the middle it's open >o< and if its windy you can see tummy!!!!

And that shirt... I don't know why i bought this... I don't like the sleeves.. I think I picked it randomly haha.

oh and i really like the pajama i catched! Everythign was so fast so i catched everything i thought it would look good ^-^.

I also bought some cute socks and shoes. Since I really can't buy shoes in germany... 

I love these socks.. they are so cute. It's a pity that we can't buy such cute socks in germany.

I've bought these shoes in Harajuku in a small shop. But After walking with them 30 minutes my feet hurt like hell (;´Д`) very dislike! but they look so cute with the socks i bought ♥.

Oh and since german eyeliner sucks or I'm just to stupid to use them I've bought dolly wink eyeliner and I must say I LOVE IT. I don't want to use other eyeliners from now on. ^^

 And my BB cream from Missha will be empty soon I've bought new one ^o^. I also have BB cream from Baviphat but it's not so good.

Last Saturday I've met a friend and we went to the last Harry Potter. Ah I really loved it. I wanna watch it again. I want to wear Harry Potter school uniform hahaha. After that my friend wanted to eat Sushi so we went to the Restaurant called "Tokyo". I tried the yakitori but it didn't taste like japanese yakitori. I was really dissapointed hahaha. I've found out the restaurant is run by thai people so no wonder.....

Here are some photos of that day (・∀・). I wanted to wear usamimi but my mother said it looks stupid lol.

Oh and I sell my Yukata since i noticed its to big (yes yes it's free size). But I noticed there are some smaller ones ^^


  1. awww~ die sachen sind ja alle schön(*///*)
    du magst die Ärmel nicht? Ich finde die sehen schön fluffig aus^^
    Die BB cream hab ich auch, die is gut^^
    Ich finde usamimi sieht schön aus an dir und nicht albern..aber mütter sind manchmal spießig XD

  2. Ich finde den Pulli mit den puffigen Ärmeln auch voll schön! :O
    Den Eyeliner und die BB Cream hab ich ja auch! <3 Sind echt tolle Sachen! *Q*
    Und deine Fotos sind sooo süß, wie immer! Du solltest viel öfter posten!

  3. aww you bought a lot of pretty things n.n so cool <3