Dienstag, 16. August 2011

♥ Bad Teacher & Super 8

Hi ♥

Yesterday I went with Kalle & Don to the cinema.
We watched Super 8 and on Saturday (or Friday??? cant remeber lol xD) we watched Bad Teacher.

Super 8 Trailer:

Bad Teacher Trailer:

Super 8 was an interesting and great film but Bad Teacher was a little bit disappointing. I thought the movie would be funnier!! :(
But anyway ... it was fun to watch both of them!!! :D

and my outfit for the last days:

see you



  1. hab auch bad teacher geguckt. die werbung verschmückt immer so einiges....schade
    tolles outfit <3

  2. ja echt schade!!
    danke ihr süßen! ♥

  3. das 2. Outfit ist mega süß! ♥