Donnerstag, 11. August 2011

♥ Recent Purchases from Yesstyle


sorry for not blogging  a long time! My old computer doesn't work anymore. So I had to stay nearly 2 weeks without a computer! -.- But luckily I've got my mobile phone!!! At least I could surf on the internet!

Here are my nails:
Very simple! :( I have to buy nail deco again! xD

Purchases from Yesstyle:

Cute rilakkuma phone holder:

Finally a bought a pink bag!

top: (looks similar to one of the Liz Lisa tops! :D)

and a blouse:

And some pics from my graduation party:

Me, Melissa, Pani, my maths teacher (she is the best theacher I ever had!!!), Natascha, Cami
I look very tall on that pic but actually they all are very small! xD

Me & Cami

I love this dress so much! (It was so expensive! >.<) But its so beautiful! *__*

bye bye

I will post more purchases from yesstyle tomorrow or whenever my mum has washed my clothes! xD


  1. aww~ dein kleid ist SO toll!! wunderschön *_* wow!
    und die sachen von yesstyle sind toll^^ zeig bald mal wie die angezogen aussehen^^ die tasche ist toll *-*

  2. Wow !! So pretty on your graduation pics ~^^

    I love your yesstyle gets ! From which brand are these pieces from ?

  3. @Shou: danke! ♥ ich zieh die sachen die nächsten tage mal an! ^.^

    @Tommy: thx! <3 the bag is from pg beauty, the top from zoo, the rilakkuma phone holder from iswas and the blouse from angel love. I love the brand angel love so much!! they have similar clothes like Liz Lisa!

  4. That dress looks perfect *--* So do you !

  5. Das Kleid sieht perfekt aus und du auch *_*
    Der Rest ist soooo toll - bin gespannt auf Outfit pics!