Montag, 12. September 2011

♥ Cute School Stuff

Hello guys,

today I want to show you my school stuff. On Thurstday school is starting again .
Two weeks ago I was happy about it but now i dont want to go to school again! xDD

Close ups:
The Hello Kitty pen and the Hello Kitty book are new.
Also new: Rilakkuma pencil case!
I love Rilakkuma! It's my favourite brand!! ♥ *__*


I hope you like my school stuff!! ^^
But I think I'm the only one at school who has Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma school!!! xDDD
Normally just little kids have this kind of stuff!!! xD
lol... but I don't care!!! I love all cute things!! xD


Freitag, 9. September 2011

♥ Liz Lisa Autumn Collection Part 2

Here some new clothes from the autumn collection! :)

bye ♥

♥ Decoden

Hey honeys,

after a while I decided to take the Hello Kitty case.
I made the case by myself.

I ordered a grey mobile phone case and some diffrent decoration.

It took so long until I finished it ... maybe 5 hours??? xD
I hope you like it!!! ^^


Deco stuff from .

bye bye