Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2011

♥ Decide About My Next Post & Recent Gets

Here some things I bought in the last weeks:

Hello Kitty Umbrella

Finally I bought my new notebook!!! I'm so happy with it!

Liz Lisa pants from the last outfitpost:

And my coat from Tally Weijl.

I ordered more things, but some of them haven't arrived yet. My Liz Lisa coat arrived yesterday at the customs! -.- Oh I hate the customs soooo much! Lately I had to pay for all my parcels I ordered! -.- grrrrr.... ;____;
Anyway, I can't wait to get my coat!!! :D As well I ordered the Princess Mimi Macchiato Brown Circle Lenses!!!
I needed a brown Circle Lens pair again. I can't wear my old Barbie King Size brown anymore because my eye-sight became worse! :/

The last thing I bought are these shoes. I love them!!! ♥ The bow is sooo cute! As you noticed I'm addicted to bows! ^___^

Maybe you noticed the survey on the top of my sidebar: ------------>
You can decide about what the next post is!!!

What do you want to see in my next post???

- My room
- What's in my bag?
- Princess Mimi Circle Lens Review

Please join the survey. It ends next week on Wednesday, so you have a lot of time to vote. Also you can vote for two things! :)
If you want to see other things or have questions, please feel free to ask me. I won't bite! ^_^
Write an e-mail to or leave a comment at this post!

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  1. I voted for " Whats in my bag " :)

    ps: I really LOVE the Liz Lisa pants from your last outfitpost!!<3 I wish i had it too and the matching "shirt" also ><

  2. Thanks for voting! :D
    I'm also in love with the Liz Lisa pants! ^_^ They are sooo cute but I have to lose weight. The pants are really tight!! ;_____;
    Sadly I'm not as thin as the japanese! Dx

  3. Ich hab für 'what's in my bag' gevotet^^
    Bin schon gespannt<3