Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

♥ Japantag 2011


I'm sorry for not blogging early but i'm very busy with school!!!

On Saturday I went by train to Düsseldorf.  My was late for a half hour! -.- I had to wait outside!!!! D: it was so fucking cold!!!!

The best pic of us!! xDD

Anyway, as I arrived Kitai and Lisa waited already for me!!! so sweet! ♥ I also saw Sascha and the two girls from Hyper!!! They looked awesome!!!! So cute in their Yukatas!!!

First I went with Lisa to the hotel. So I could leave my suit case in the hotel room.
Then we went to the Japantag festival. On the way we met Bella. She looked gorgeous as always! She has given Kitai a bottle with Wodka. It was blue and tasted like bon bons!! xDDD you can see the bottle on our purikuras! xDDD lol :D

lol xDD what is Kitai doing??? xDDD
The festival was ... I don't know ... I expected something different. like more merchandise and more cute things! Anyway it was fun!!!

Also we met Sui and Mika!!! So adorable in her lolita outfit!!! ♥
I was happy to see her! and her hair was soooo big!!! *_* I loved it!! xD

After a while our feet hurt so we wanted to eat sushi but first we took some purikura!!! It was my highlight of the day!!! xD I waited so long and finally I could take purikuras again!!! :D

In the evening was a big firework. It was so beautiful!!! I liked the smileys! :)

On the next day I drove home with Mika. Sadly we couldn't spent much time on Saturday!!! :(

I'm looking forward to see my gals again!!! I had a great time in Düsseldorf! But I couldn't see all gals because it was so crowded but maybe I go to DD in January again!!!

see you!

Tomorrow I'll post about my new purchases from Liz Lisa!
Stay continued!!!


    Wir müssen uns wieder sehen es macht soviel Spaß immer !!
    Wir haben grad im Forum ein neues Datum ausdiskutiert, ich hoffe du kannst da !!
    Am 28/29.12 wollen wir uns wieder treffen, weil da nach Weihnachten is und wir alle Geld haben :D Ausserdem is da nich viel los von wegen Anstehen etc. Bitte sag Bescheid dass du kannst :D Würde mich so freuen <3 <3

  2. ja es war echt so schön mit euch! ♥
    ich schau mal aber ich denke schon dass ich da kann! aber ich sage dir nochmal bescheid! :D ♥

  3. woooww ich liebe deinen Blog total =)
    Ich war auch schon öfters mit freunden in Düsseldorf und wir haben immer diesen Purikura Fotoautomat gesucht kannst du mit vielleicht sagen wo der ungefähr ist?