Montag, 10. Oktober 2011

♥ I'm back again!!!! Ceck Out My Handmade Bag & Yestyle Purchases

Hey honeys,

First I have to apologize for not blogging a long time. I was very busy. -.- I missed it to blog. I never have something interesting but for me it's fun to share my life with you guys! :)
But now I have more time for blogging.

The reason why I stopped blogging is my practicum.
Since 15th September I'm in practicum by  a handbag designer.
My working time is really bad. I always come home late and then I don't feel like doing anything!
I'm working from Monday to Friday from 11 am - 6 pm.
In the evening I'm totally exhausted so I eat something and then I fall to sleep. And in the morning I also don't want to get up for blogging.  I'm doing this since 4 weeks but luckily there is just one week left of practicum. Then I'm going to school again. I don't like school either but it's better than practicum! xDDDD

It's really cool to design and make a bag by yourself. I think the design of my bag is too simple. Maybe I will put some more accessoires on it! But the practicum is really interesting. I know how to make bags and it's not really difficult. I will definitly continue making handbags. It's cheaper so I don't have to buy these expensive disigner bags anymore! and I can design and create the bag how I want!! :D

My first bag:

My first cosmetic bag:

And finally my purchases from Yesstyle arrived today!!! I'm so happy! I think I will wear one of these tops on the japanday in Düsseldorf!!! :DDD

Cardigan from 59 Seconds:
The top is also from 59 Seconds! I forgot from which brand the other things are!!! :/

I love the belt with the bow!!! It's sooooo cute! ♥♥♥

This is one of my outfits I've worn the last days! Unfortunatelly I took a pic of my worst outfit of the last days!!! :(

Also I want to thank you all! I'm so happy that I have 79 followers!!!! I know I'm not a good blogger and the things I post is just random stuff but I appreciate it to have some lovely followers like you! It's not self-evident for me!!!! ♥♥♥ Thank you so much! ♥♥♥