Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2011


how are you? I hope you are fine?

Recently I have so many things to blog about ... and of course there is a problem with my laptop!!! -.- It's always the same!!! ;____;

Last week finally my BUNRAKU DVD arrived!!!! I was so excited!!!
 The first Hollywood movie with GACKT!!!!! :D


I wanted the movie because of Gackt. But I have to say I'm very surprised. I thought the movie would be worser. Not bad but just good. But the film is amazing! In the movie is exectly everything that I love! Lot's of fights, asian martial art, violence, beautiful settings and humor!! I love it! xD BUNRAKU is now one of my favourite movies!!
I also have to compliment GACKT and Josh Hartnett for their fighting scenes!!! 3/4 of the movie are fights! They did a great job! All fights were interesting and the movie entertained me!!!
I recommend the film to people who love fights and movies which are different!!!
BUNRAKU is not a typical Hollywood movie. It's different and it stands out of the bulk!!!
Have a try and watch it, you won't regret it!!!

Some of my favourite scenes:


Wasabi scene:

Josh vs GACKT


  1. wow ~
    the movie looks kind of interesting!
    actually id otn like watching movies but maybe it would be worth it :)
    i wanna watch it!!

    if you have time, please check out my new blog post, i would be very very happy!! <3

  2. OMG!!I've been waiting for this!!

    I remember that they said it'd be out in 2008 or something,but then I've never heard of it again...
    Thank you so much for your post XD