Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

♥ Snow, Snow .... Snow T___T


Today I went with Cami to the Christkindelsmarkt in Nürnberg!

As I wanted to leave the house, I saw it was snowing!!! I love snow but I hate it when I have to go outside and recently did my hair! T___T
Sooo ... when I arrived at the main station my curls were gone!!! -.-
Do you have the same problem??? Like your doing for hours you hair and make-up and after you left the house everything looks like shit??? o.O It happens often to me! Especially with my hair!

Wind------> rumple hair
Rain/Snow-----> volume gone, hair is straight again
Wind+Rain/Snow------> total destroyed

Anyway, here some outfit pics:

Cardigan: Liz Lisa Doll
Skirt: H&M

Today my hairstyle was inspired by himegyaru fashion. I hope you like it! ^____^

bye bye


1 Kommentar:

  1. Oh God, I absolutely know what you mean
    Everytime I do my hair and HAVE to go outside it rains/snows/ it's windy
    All the Suji are gone then (T__T)

    You look very pretty in this post <3
    The coat is cute