Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

♥ Back To Fashion World

Hello dears,

long time no see. I hope you all are doing well!!!

It's one month ago I posted on my blog.
I'm very sorry for not blogging but I'm very busy at the moment.
(I have to learn sooooo much for school! -.-)

Also I concentraded on my weight. I lost 6 kilo. :DDDD
(from 56 to 50) finally I fit in my asian clothes again! haha

It was hard work but now I am happy! :)

I am healthier and athletically and I am in a good condition again.
I couldn't believe how unathletic I got! xDDD

My recent purchases:

Hoodie & shorts: One Spo
Skirt: Yesstyle (Tokyo Fashion)
Top: Yesstyle
Jacket: W♥C

Mobile phone case: ebay (throw my old one on the floor) ;___;
Nail polish: Kiko
Boots: Deichmann (my favourite high heels at the moment!! *__*)

All clothes from Tally Weijl!:

Cosmetic bag from Egg:

Here some pictures from yesterday:
I like it how I've done my hair. What do you think???

And in the end some outfits of the last month. Sadly I haven't took much pictures! :(

 My favourite outfit:

There is also a new layout and a new header. I think you noticed it already! :)
I hope you like it!!!!

For the next month I think I am very busy too. Until half year I will write lots of tests in school, so I'm not able to blog often.
Do you prefer when I blog once a week (long post) or should I rather do 3 or 4 small posts a week?