Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

♥ Little Devil In The Night

Hello my dears,

yesterday night me and Cami went clubbing.

We went to Planet. There was Hangover and Las Vegas night.
There were some interesting offers. You could get shaved your hair, like Alan in the movie! xDDD
And there was even one boy who shaved his hair!!! o.O so crazy .... it looked like a lawn mover had driven over his head!!!! xD haha The guy looked so ridiculous!!!

As well you could play for your drinks. The barkeeper flipped a coin. Head: your drink is free, tail: you have to pay.
And of course I lost the game and had to pay for my cocktail! -.- I never have luck!!! ;____;

Also everbody who was costumed got a discount for the entrance fee. :D

Me costumed as a black devil:

My eye make-up:

My outfit:

My costume wasn't anything special. I wanted something that's easy to do and handy for clubbing. And I had just one day to think about my costume ... so a devil is not much effort! hihi ;D

My friend Cami first wanted to go as Snow White but she doesn't wanted to have colorful clothes while I went in black! xDDD so we discussed about it and she costumed as Black Swan!!!
It took 3 hours until her make-up was ok!!! haha ... it was nerve-racking but in the end
it was worth taking so much time!!! She looked gorgeous:

Her eye make-up:

And here some inspirations for my devil make-up:

Have a nice Saturday!!!! :-*

bye bye


  1. woooow du siehst wirklich sexy aus *-*

  2. danke! :D
    es hat spaß gemacht mal anders rumzulaufen: ganz in schwarz! >.< was sonst bei mir nie vorkommt! hihi xD