Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2012

♥ Shopaholic $$$ & Me Without Make-Up (Long Post)


here arre my recent purchases:

Yesterday I went with Andy to the citycenter. Actually I didn't want to buy anything (I only took 10 euro, so I don't have the chance to buy anything ... but it didn't work! -.- )... but well ....... I bought shoes again! >___>

A shoe store closes there shop so all shoes only cost 10 euro!
I HAD to buy some high heels! I mean ... 10 euro is nothing! 
I made a good bargain!! hehe :D

But anyway, now I have 30euro less pocket money. And I still have to buy false eyelashes! And not to mention about my meet-up with my old classmates! We are going to a bar so I need money for cocktails! haha xD

Here the pics from yesterday afternoon:

 I tried a new hair style. Nothing special but my hair is always the same! :/
so I wanted to try something new.
This season I want to try out new things: hair style, make-up, clothes, etc.
I am more open-minded about new and different things than last year.
Last year I only looked at many things and searched for inspiration but most things I haven't tried out.
There are so many ideas I have already. I want to show and share them with you!

everything from Liz Lisa
Passion fruit green tea with strawberry bubbles

 Bubble Tea ^___^

I also have a pic where you can see me without make-up!
I think it's interesting to see people without make-up and how diffrent they look ... or not! xD
 I am no natural beauty but I don't care. I'm pretty with make-up and that's good enough!!
(better than ugly forever!)

 Have a nice day, honeys!!! :D

 Bang Yong Guk & ZELO - Never Give Up

Big Bang's new music video: BLUE


  1. oh gott total tolle shorts!!! woher *_*?!?!!
    liebe deine bilder und die schuhe :)
    und auch ungeschminkt bist du hübsch!

  2. ich find du siehst auch ohne make up gut aus, jedenfalls hast du keine kratertiefen augenringe so wie ich XDD
    die sachen die du gekauft hast sind schön*-* ich mag die flachen stiefel mit fell^^

  3. danke! :D
    die shorts sind vom tally weijl. das sind jeggins, also total bequem! :D

  4. @shou: danke, aber ich habe trotzdem schlimme augenringe. sieht du die denn nicht? xD naja.. vllt liegts auch daran dass ich die fotos genommen habe wo ich am wenigsten schlimm aussehe! hahaha xDDD

  5. awww, you have so many cute things :)) i <3 the boots, btw :)