Montag, 16. April 2012

♥ Gal Meet Up Munich


FINALLY something interesting to post about!!! :D

On Saturday it was a little gal meet in Munich.
I had to get up at 7am. -.- (I drove 2 hours with the train!)

My hair style and make-up was inspired by Erichosu. One of my favourite egg models!

My Outfit:
 Cardigan: Mister Lady
 Top: La Sussés
 Jeggins: La Sussés
Shoes: sweetgyarushop
Feather earrings + necklace: Primark


Actually it was no group photo because most of the gals already left us.
Misa and her friend only stayed for 1 or 2 hours and Foo and Mara left us after shopping.
Sadly we forgot to take a picture in the beginning!!! :'D

Anyway, the sisters (they came from Austria!!!!) took most of the pictures. I hope they upload them soon! :)

After shopping at the mall we went to an italian restaurant. I ate a little salad. (all for a nice body!!! ;___;)
Next week is my birthday and I think I get a pie again. And it has 10000000 calories!!! >.<
but I'll eat it up by my own!!! :'D hehehehe

I hope you liked the post. On Wednesday is my birthday, on Saturday my birthday party and on Sunday is the Cherryblossom Festival!!! I'll meet Kitai. Can't wait to see her again!! :D

bye bye~


  1. oh I want to go on a Gal meet up too :D
    but I think Japan´s Day is a good opportunity as well ^.^

  2. Ouuuh ..... ich wäre sooooo gerne dabei gewesen :(
    hoffe das bald wieder ein Treffen in München ist ^^ ... ist nämlich näher :D als Düsseldorf ^-^

    Ein ganz toller Post ♥