Dienstag, 3. April 2012

♥ Hardcore Shopping in Frankfurt: Primark & la Sussés (Picture Heavy!!!!)

Hi honeys,

yesterday I went with Cami, Natascha and Melissa to Frankfurt!

At 11:38 am we arrived at the main station. It only took 2 hours until we arrived.

Right after we went to the Nordwestzentrum.

Our goal was Primark:

My friend Cami heard from her friend that there are so many cheap clothes, accessoires, shoes, etc.
And it's TRUE!!!!

It's amazing. The store is so huge and there are lots of cute things! 
The clothes aren't so beautiful but accessoires and underwear are just stunning!!!!

I bought so many things!!! haha :D

If you live near Frankfurt you should definitely visit Primark and La Sussés.
Primark is best if you look for accesoires and La Sussés has great clothes and shoes. They are outrageous and very special. I love their clothing. They also have many nice partydresses!!

After shopping at Primark we ate Sushi. :)
 And after eating we went shopping again! yay! :D

....and shopping!!! :'D

From 12am to 8pm we were in the stores!! haha
Hardcore shopping for one day!!! ;D
It was so much fun but at the end of the day we were totally exhausted!!!!
But still we had to carry our shopping bags to the main station!!! -.- I had one backpack, my huge handbag and two big plastic bags to carry!! :'( haha

Here a pic of me: I was not in the mood for dolling up! So just simple make-up and clothes!
Last week I dyed my hair darker. But I don't like it. The color is to red! I wanted a greyish brown! :/
but well ..... fuuuuuuuuu


All things from Primark & la Sussés!
 Yellow bag (12€) & laptopcase (8€) from Primark.
 Pink bag (12,90€)

 La Sussés trousers: 15€

 La Sussés top: 14€

 La Sussés top: 10€

 La Sussés skirt: 10€

 La Sussés jumpsuit: 12€

La Sussés skirt: 12€

 Primark belt: 3€

 Flower hair barrette: 1.50€
Earringset: 3€
Moon necklace: 1€
Feather earrings: 3€
Heart necklace: 2€
Chain bracelet: 1€
Pendant: 1.50€

All jewelry from Primark.


 Pink bra set: 6€
White bra set: 7€
Leopard set: 7€
Grey-pink leopard set: 7€

 Grey leopard bra: 6€
Grey leopard bottom: 3€
Stripe bra: 8€
Stripe bottom: 4€
Pink pants: 2€
Tanga set: 3€

 pants set (5 pairs): 4,50€

All underwear from Primark.
 Blue Jeggins: 9€
Red Jeggins: 9€
sweatpants: 12€

 Tops: 5€
Tights: 3€
Pyjama: 6€

 Cardigan: 9€

All clothes from Primark.

 Primark shoes: 11€

 Red high heels: 15€
 Pink high heels: 25€ (my favourite!!!! *___*)

Blue-green high heels: 24€

All high heels from La Sussés!!

I hope you like the things I've bought!!!

Pics where I wear my new clothes are comming!!!
Stay continued!!!! ;)

bye bye


  1. Sooo tolle Sachen!! (*___* )
    Ich sollte auch mal in den Frankfurter Primark gehen. . . bin bis jetzt immer extra nach London gegangen, weil ich es nich wusste, dass es da auch einen hat! xD :-D

    Btw: LOVE YOUR BLOG <3

  2. Mach das! Es lohnt sich echt dahin zugehen!!! :D
    Danke, Süße! ^___^

  3. woaaaaa so viele sachhen xDD !!! sau geil ey !!

  4. das nenn ich wirklich hardcore-shopping xD