Donnerstag, 12. April 2012

♥ Unposted Pics & Different Eye Make-Up


today I want to show you some pics. Somehow I forget to post them or I thought they were not good enough!!! :D

Diamon Lash Glamorous Eye, Maybelline Eyestudio (70 Shiny Nude), Hello Kitty Eyeshadow

Diamond Lash Angel Eye

Diamond Lash Angel Eye + Essence Lashes; Diamond Lash Sweet Eye (used half of the lower lashes); Maybelline Blue Kajal; P2 Eyeshadow

Diamond Lash Angel Eye + Essence Lashes; Manhattan Pink Eyeshadow

Circle Lenses I used: Super Pinky Blue, Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green, Geo Cafe Series Macchiato Brown

Tomorrow I'm going to the Volksfest and on Saturday is the gal meet up in Munich!!! So finally there is something interesting to post about!!! :'D Can't wait to see you, gals!!! ^___^


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  1. I wish I could come to the meet up :( but sadly it´s too far away. Nice eye make up!
    I´m participating on a blogger contest, hope you´ll support me ^.^