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♥ Circle Lens Review: Barbie Eye Super Nudy Grey+Pink

Hello gals,

some days ago I ordered Circle Lenses at Candylens.

I ordered 3 pairs of lenses on a Thuesday. And my parcel came on Thursday afternoon. I was really surprised. The shipping was so fast!!! :D
So luckyly I could wear the Barbie Eye Super Nudy on the weekend!!! yay! ^___^

For each lens I got a cute case.
This was the packaging of the Geo Cafe Series Waffle.

Barbie Eye Super Nudy Grey

 Pic's with the grey lenses:

 Barbie Eye Super Nudy Pink

Pic's with the pink lenses:

Base Curve: 8,6 mm
Diameter: 16 mm
Water Content: 48%


The enlargement of  these lenses are awesome. With a diameter of 16mm, they make your eyes very big. This is the best of the lenses. Maybe if you have small eyes they look creepy, like an alien. But they make my eyes very big and beautiful. My friends complimented them or just said “wow”. The Barbie Super Nudy are an eyecatcher.

 Pink Circle Lens: 04/10
Gray Circle Lens:  06/10

I was a little bit disappointed. I thought the color would be more intensive and brighter.
If you wear the grey lenses you can see the diffrence. People will notice them as grey. But the color of the pink lenses is to dark. Only if you look closely you will notice the color. This is really disappointing but I still like the lenses.

I wore them for more than 11 hours and I haven't had any problems. Also I didn't have to take eyedrops. So there are no problems with the lenses. :D
I only gave 9 of 10 points because when I put them in I notice them in the first minutes.

Overall they are a nice pair of lenses for everbody. You can use them for natural and heavy make-up.
I recommend them for all who want to have big and dolly eyes.
They are perfect for the gyaru style. Now the Brabie Eye Super Nudy Grey are one of my favourite lenses.

I hope this review was useful for you! ^_^

My Weekend

On Saturday I went to the Skybar to meet some of my old classmates. Unfortunately only the half of my class appeared. -.-
Actually it was nice to meet them again but it ended that they watched a soccer game. Sometimes I hate tv's at bars!!! -.-
This was really disappointing. They should have stayed at home. It was like they were not present! >__>

Saturday's Outfit:

Top: Tally Weijl
Shorts: Tally Weijl
High Heels: Deichmann
Necklace: Primark

Eye Make-up: 

Lorenzkirche Nürnberg (Blaue Nacht)

Also on Saturday was Blaue Nacht (blue night). It is an event about culture and art. The whole city was lighted in blue. :)

Cocktaiiiiiiiiils!!!! :D

Cami & me at the Skybar.

Bye Bye

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