Montag, 7. Mai 2012

★ Get Up To Nonsense at School ★


Unfortunally I have practicum since today. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8am to 5 pm and Tuesday and Friday from 8am to 4pm.
I'm glad when practicum ends in 5 weeks! :D

At school we have drawn posters. Later we had lessons at the computer lab and worked with Indesign and Photoshop. Our exercise is to create a poster and a cd cover with front and back side of an musician. But we have to take a picture from us. My idea is that I'm the head of a metal band. I think it will be funny creating this because it has nothing to do with my sweet look. haha xD
Maybe I make a photoshoot only for this cover with dark make-up and goth inspired clothes! :D

In the frist lessons it was funny. The teacher is always in a separate room so we can do what we want to. hehehe ^____^

My "worktable":

hahahaha xD

Reading Egg magazine, drinking coffee and eating.....
my regular process in school! ;D

In general practicum is not exhausting but it is sucks to stay the whole day at school while doing nothing. At least my classmates are funny and I have always a great time with them.

After school I went to the city center in Nürnberg.
I still had a coupon from Müller.
This is what I bought:

 Just some basics.

Also I visited the stores Tally Weijl, Claire's, City Girl and New Yorker.

Todays Outfit:

My cute plush toy Happy from the Anime Fairy Tail came last week. I love it. It's so cute ♥~

I'm addicted to the character Happy. Love him so much!

And my new iPod case from Hello Kitty came today!!! hihi :D

Now I'm going to bake muffins for Andy. It's his birthday tomorrow! ;)

bye bye
my sweethearts


  1. Das plüschi is sooo süß !!!!
    Das mit dem grufti is ne coole idee XD weils einfach total das gegenteil von dir ist XDD ! sau geil XDD !! <3
    und ich würd auch gern mal lesen während der arbeit XDD wäre so toll ;_;

    Dein Outfit is voll goldig ♥ *_*

  2. i like your outfit ! and the blue cat <3

  3. Like your new cosmetics!

    You've been tagged :D