Dienstag, 15. Mai 2012

♥ How To Do Gyaru Nails

Hello sweathearts,

today I want to show you how to do gyaru nails with UV gel.

It is very easy and you can save a lot of money. Nailstudios are expensive. x_x

You need following goods:
- UV light
- UV Gel
- Nail Tips
- Nail Polish
- Deco Stuff

UV gel I used:

For larger image click on the pictures!!!

First, you choose the suitable nail tips for each finger. Varnish your nails with Fing'rs Primer. (the nails will stick better with Primer)
Cut the tips with a nail clipper and then stick on the tips.

Now file your nails in a shape you like.

Afterwards you apply another layer of Primer.

Then you apply the first layer of glitter UV gel.

Next the nails have to stay for 2 minutes under the UV light.

Repeat this for 3 times.

For the last layer of glitter UV gel I used a different one. (the brighter UV gel)
The glitter pieces are bigger and it's more shining.

Again 2 minutes under the UV light.

Now apply the nail polish crossways over the half of the nail.

 Do it again with a different color. But only apply a thin line.

Following, paint big irregular dots for the leo pattern.

 Dap with a darker nail polish carfully on the edge of the big dots. Leave out some gaps and make sure that not all dots look like the same. That is an easy way to create a leopard pattern.

The only thing that is missing is the nail deco. Glue on some rhinestones in different sizes.
Don't forget the highlight: glitter rhinestone ribbons in green and yellow!!! :D

Finished!!!! ^___^

Usually it takes 2-3 hours until my nails are done. But I always watch tv. maybe I would be faster if I put more attention to my nails then to the tv programm. xD

I hope this post was usefull.
I am sorry for my english if I wrote something wrong. I am not a native speaker. So please be sympathetic.
And I am happy about comments. Also constructive criticism is alway welcomed. :D



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