Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012

♥ Can't wait for the Gal Summer Meet

Hey hey,

how are you doing?

Soon there will be a Summer Meet in Düsseldorf.

Can't wait to see my lovely gals again.

If you have time please come and join the event! :D

Yesterday I went clubbing. This was NO good idea. It's so hot in Germany ... to hot! I'm happy when it is winter again. When I was dancing in the club I thought I would die! xD

But now I'm smarter .... no disco in summer! :'D

Last week my parcel with the creepers came. I needed some flat shoes. I only have ballet flats but they are so uncomfortable.

I like them a lot. They look good and are very comfortable. Perfect fashionable flats! :D

Also my tiger kigurumi arrived! Of course 2 days AFTER the manba day!! -.-

with my cute Kitty! ♥
How annoyed she is from taking pictures with me!!! hahaha xD
evil Kitty!!! :3

I wanted to end the post with some funny pics! :D

Thank you for the 144 followers!!! ♥♥♥

have a nice weekend,

bye bye

Montag, 16. Juli 2012

♥ MANBA DAY (Milky's Gyaru Sleepover Meet Part 2)

It's Manba time!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!! :D

This was my seceond try for manba make up. Two weeks ago I tried it first but I totally failed.
I'm not pleased with the make up ... but well... better than the fist time!!! haha :D

Me & Riina ♥
She looks so different with dark make-up. But she is still a beauty!!

Me, Riina,Kitai

Group pics:

Sadly only the 5 of us tried Manba.

Our beautiful faces!!! xDDDD

Kitai, what are you doing with your leg??? xD

no comment ...... :D

The Manba Burger!!! haha xD
Don't know what crossed our minds!!! xDDD

Epic!!!! ... look at Kitai & Ramona!! xD

This is my favourite pic!!! Love you gals!!!
On the weekend I had so much fun! It was nice to hang out Kitai, Ramona and Barbara again.
Also it was awesome to meet Riina, Milky, Kate, Mia and Amanda!!
Thank you so much for the great time!!!

Happy Manba Day!!!! ♥~
(Manba Day was on Saturday but nya ... there was no internet!! ;_;)

bye bye Frankfurt... ;__;
bye bye lovely gals... hope to see you soon!!!!


Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

♥ Milky's Gyaru Sleepover Part 1


on Friday I went to Milky's Sleepover Meet in Stockstadt.
9 girls came. We had our own house!! ^o^
Milky decorated everything!!! so cute~♥

It took ca 3 hours from Nürnberg to Stockstadt. I went with Ramona, Kitai and Barbara by train.

I split the weekend in 2 posts.
1st post: normal gyaru style
2nd post: Manba day

Don't worry ... there are many pics and less text! :D


I only had simple make-up. On Friday I got up at 5:30. I was tired.
So I didn't want to wear heavy make-up!

 Milky decorated everything in pink! I loved it!!!!

 Isn't it cute??? :3

Our background for pics:
like a purikura background.
 piiiiiiiiiiiiiink! :D

In the evening we ordered pizza.
From left to right: Kate, Mia, Kitai, Me, Barbara, Ramona


Top: d.i.a (from Kitai; thanks again!!! :D)
Skirt: Yesstyle

Never thought d.i.a would look good on me! xD
Maybe I buy some clothes!

Upper Lashes: Diamond Lash + 2x Essence
Lower Lashes: Diamond Lash


 Me, Ramona, Riina
 From left to right: Ramona, Milky,Me, Kitai, Barbara, Mia, Amanda

The whole day you saw this:
Girls doing their make-up!! :D

Pics with Ramona & Barbara
 They looked so cute with the big pink bow in the hair!
 made with "Shibuya Cam"

 Stay continued!!
PART 2 will be posted soon!!!

bye bye

Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

♥ PURIKURA APP for iPhone & iPod (Shibuya Cam)


today I want to present you a PURIKURA app for iPhone, iPod.

Shibuya Cam

 choose single user or multi user.
 take or choose a pic.
 I decorated the pic with the app.

Also I want to show you these games. Maybe you are interested in them.

Hello Kitty Beauty Salon & Kitty Cafe

Nyan Space

You know the crazy cat with the annoying nyan song??? Here it goes... nyan music forever! :3
 hahaha .. It's not for the faint hearted!!! ;D

bye bye, honeys