Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012

♥ Can't wait for the Gal Summer Meet

Hey hey,

how are you doing?

Soon there will be a Summer Meet in Düsseldorf.

Can't wait to see my lovely gals again.

If you have time please come and join the event! :D

Yesterday I went clubbing. This was NO good idea. It's so hot in Germany ... to hot! I'm happy when it is winter again. When I was dancing in the club I thought I would die! xD

But now I'm smarter .... no disco in summer! :'D

Last week my parcel with the creepers came. I needed some flat shoes. I only have ballet flats but they are so uncomfortable.

I like them a lot. They look good and are very comfortable. Perfect fashionable flats! :D

Also my tiger kigurumi arrived! Of course 2 days AFTER the manba day!! -.-

with my cute Kitty! ♥
How annoyed she is from taking pictures with me!!! hahaha xD
evil Kitty!!! :3

I wanted to end the post with some funny pics! :D

Thank you for the 144 followers!!! ♥♥♥

have a nice weekend,

bye bye

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