Montag, 16. Juli 2012

♥ MANBA DAY (Milky's Gyaru Sleepover Meet Part 2)

It's Manba time!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!! :D

This was my seceond try for manba make up. Two weeks ago I tried it first but I totally failed.
I'm not pleased with the make up ... but well... better than the fist time!!! haha :D

Me & Riina ♥
She looks so different with dark make-up. But she is still a beauty!!

Me, Riina,Kitai

Group pics:

Sadly only the 5 of us tried Manba.

Our beautiful faces!!! xDDDD

Kitai, what are you doing with your leg??? xD

no comment ...... :D

The Manba Burger!!! haha xD
Don't know what crossed our minds!!! xDDD

Epic!!!! ... look at Kitai & Ramona!! xD

This is my favourite pic!!! Love you gals!!!
On the weekend I had so much fun! It was nice to hang out Kitai, Ramona and Barbara again.
Also it was awesome to meet Riina, Milky, Kate, Mia and Amanda!!
Thank you so much for the great time!!!

Happy Manba Day!!!! ♥~
(Manba Day was on Saturday but nya ... there was no internet!! ;_;)

bye bye Frankfurt... ;__;
bye bye lovely gals... hope to see you soon!!!!


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