Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

♥ Milky's Gyaru Sleepover Part 1


on Friday I went to Milky's Sleepover Meet in Stockstadt.
9 girls came. We had our own house!! ^o^
Milky decorated everything!!! so cute~♥

It took ca 3 hours from Nürnberg to Stockstadt. I went with Ramona, Kitai and Barbara by train.

I split the weekend in 2 posts.
1st post: normal gyaru style
2nd post: Manba day

Don't worry ... there are many pics and less text! :D


I only had simple make-up. On Friday I got up at 5:30. I was tired.
So I didn't want to wear heavy make-up!

 Milky decorated everything in pink! I loved it!!!!

 Isn't it cute??? :3

Our background for pics:
like a purikura background.
 piiiiiiiiiiiiiink! :D

In the evening we ordered pizza.
From left to right: Kate, Mia, Kitai, Me, Barbara, Ramona


Top: d.i.a (from Kitai; thanks again!!! :D)
Skirt: Yesstyle

Never thought d.i.a would look good on me! xD
Maybe I buy some clothes!

Upper Lashes: Diamond Lash + 2x Essence
Lower Lashes: Diamond Lash


 Me, Ramona, Riina
 From left to right: Ramona, Milky,Me, Kitai, Barbara, Mia, Amanda

The whole day you saw this:
Girls doing their make-up!! :D

Pics with Ramona & Barbara
 They looked so cute with the big pink bow in the hair!
 made with "Shibuya Cam"

 Stay continued!!
PART 2 will be posted soon!!!

bye bye

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