Mittwoch, 8. August 2012

♥ New Nail Design + Recent Gets


since last week I have holidays!!!! yaaaaaay!!! :D
It's priceless to sleep late!! ^__^

Last week I went shopping with my friend Cami.
I bought a vest which I needed.

 Tally Weijl

Also I bought some creepers again. I love them!!! 
Most comfortable shoes ever!!! :D

 The dalmatian print is so cute! ^_^

ca. 35€

Now the clothes I bought and didn't need! -.-
But I had to buy them.
Somehow they remind me of d.i.a. ... with the rivets and chains!

 Fashion Deluxe
 Fashion Deluxe

There were matching high heels. But I am broke so I thought I don't buy them.
I dreamed the whole week of the heels. Today I'm going to the city center again and buy the shoes!!!
xDDDD lol
I NEED them!! xDDD

I made new nails for the Düsseldorf meet. Only 2 days left! Can't wait to see the lovely gals again!!
I am already going tomorrow to Düsseldorf.
I take the train in the morning so I will arrive at 2:30 pm.
If anyone wants to meet write a message in fb. :3

I saw a similar nail art in egg magazine.

bye bye

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