Donnerstag, 9. August 2012

♥ Slurping Cocktails + Journey to Düsseldorf

Hey Honeys,
how are you??? :3

Yesterday I went to the cinema to watch "Ted".
OMG ... I looove the movie. It was so funny!!!
You should definitely watch the film!!! You'll enjoy it!!! I promise ... xDD

Before I went to the cinema I met up with Cami.
I bought my rivet high heels and then we enjoyed a cocktail and a shisha. :D

 Sorry for the bad quality. Anyway it was no special outfit.

Today I traveled to Düsseldorf.
I'm so excited. Still have to wait at least 12 hours until the Gal Meet starts.
And FINALLY I'll take purikura again. yeahhhhh .... :DDDDDD

Here some pics I took in the train because I was so bored:

I planned my outfit for tomorrow.
And I think it looks good. I will die wearing my new shoes. But that's worth doing it! :D
Stay continued. :3
bye bye

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