Sonntag, 12. August 2012

♥ Summer Meet Düsseldorf Part 1

Hello guys,
I hope you all are doing well!! :D

I traveled one day earlier to to Düsseldorf. I arrived Thursday afternoon.
After a train journey from 5 hours I was exhausted and the first thing I saw was an old man only wearing short trousers and a belt bag running through the train station.
I was like .... WTF???? xDDDD
When the day begins like this ... how will it end??? xDD

After the little shock i went eating sushi. :)

Afterwards I went to the hotel. The rest of the day I chilled there. I was very tired from the journey and the day before I haven't had much sleep. 

The next morning Kitai arrived. She stayed in my room to get ready because you only could check in at 2 pm. But the meet was at 3 o'clock. 1 hour is not enough to get ready.
We even got not ready in 2 hours.
Later Kate and Lisa came also to my room to get ready.
My hotel  room was a mess!! xD

Little bit after 3 o'clock Kitai and I started walking to the main station.
The others stayed in my room because they were not ready yet.
But that was no problem. Until everybody was there it was 15:30.

Now the meet can beginn!!! :D

 at the train station:

♥ with Kitai and Sui ♥

I show you some pics from Friday:

Before and after: :)

 Thanks god for make up!!! xDDD

Somehow I liked my hairstyle. I think I 've done a good job.
I don't want to praise myself but I'm not often satisfied with my hair. xD

My favourite pic of the day:

After taking some photos at the main station we went to OCS to take Purikura.

 Kitai and me at OCS.
 ♥ Sui, Amanda & me ♥

Group pictures:

Here some Purikuras:

We took more pics but somehow I only got 3 little pics, even though I paid for it.
 o.O very strange ...

 In the purikura machine it was sooo hot. We were glad as we were finished.
For cooling down we drunk bubble tea at the store next to OCS.

Taking Street Snaps.

 Amanda and me.
Soon after the photo session we went to a sushi bar.
We were exhausted and hungry.
Sadly some of the group left after taking purikuras. :(


Lisa, Kitai, Amanda, Kate and me went clubbing at the Altstadt. There were so many different bars and clubs. We couldn't decide where to go! xDD

 Our Cocktails.
I had a Mojito and a Strawberry.

 Shishaaaa ♥

Kyo took many nice pics. I'm waiting until they are uploaded. Than I can show you my outfit for Friday and the group pics. :D

Next post will come soon!! :)

bye bye

Thank you Melissa for the cute pic!! :D I love it!!!

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