Sonntag, 19. August 2012

♥ Summer Meet Düsseldorf Part 2


the evening was legendary!!! and soooo funny!!
I made a video while Amanda, Kitai and me walked home to the hotel... but eh ... it is NO good idea to post it. xDDD It's so embarrassing .. lol :D
We were so drunk!!!! ahahahaha
I am glad noboby knows me in Düsseldorf!!! xDDDD

Next morning I felt very sick. I couldn't get much sleep.
We arrived at the hotel at 6 o'clock and at 10 o'clock I had to get up again. x____x
I was soooooo dead!!!
And I had to get up because until 12 am I had to leave the hotelroom! :(
Fortunately Lisa and Kate stayed another night at the hotel so Kitai and I could put our suitcases in their room. :D

At  2 pm the girls went to the meet. I stayed at the room because I still felt sick.
After sleeping and eating a little bit I joined the others at OCS to take puris. :D

I was not really in the mood to make my hair properly.
Only took 5 minutes for my hair! xDDD
That's why it looks like a mess!!!  :'D

 I liked my eye make up. Kitai and I swapped our bottom lashes. 
I had the lashes before and I really like them.
deeeeerp face!!! xDD
 After taking like 1000 ugly pics I was so pissed!!! xDD
I couldn't get one nice pic of me!!!
That's the reason for the last two pics. It's boring when I just post good pics of me! :D

Top: La Sussés
Skirt: Yesstyle (59 seconds)
Shoes: ebay
Necklace: Tally Weijl


My Puribook:

I had a lot of fun, especially with Kate, Lisa and Kitai. I enjoyed the meet with you!!!
I laughed the whole time and I always had so much fun.
Thank you so much for the 2 amazing days with you!!!

Also it was nice to meet the other gals!!! :D
I am always happy when I meet new people!!

After taking puris we went to the hotel again. Kitai packed her suit case. I already packed mine and I took it with me to the train station.
After taking some group pics I had to go.
Kyo was on the same train. Nearly we missed our train because we went to Mc Donalds, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks!!! xDDD lol

I was sad because Kitai took the train one hour later.
But when I arrived in Frankfurt I got a message from Kitai. She asked me where I am because there is the possibility we are on the same trame! xD
I was like..... NO WAY!!! xDDD
I called her: WE ARE IN THE SAME TRAIN!!!! xDDD
.... this was sooo funny!!!
so she came to me. We chatted and I had read Foxy egg which Kitai bought at OCS.
I am so glad I have her as a friend!!!
Like always I had so much fun with her!!! It is always nice to see her!

bye bye

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