Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

♥ d.i.a. Mirror & Evil Online Shopping :D

Helloooo :)

First I want you to show my d.i.a. mirror I got from egg magazine!! :D
It's my second d.i.a. mirror but I still do not own any clothes from the brand! >o<

Anyway... ebay and Rakuten got me again!!! I spend all my money!!! buhuuu ;__;

My new love!!! ♥ .... xD

The boots arrived yesterday but for my DreamV order I have to wait a while!! :/
Can't wait to get the parcel!!!! :D

Belt 1:

Belt 2:

They are no d.i.a belts but they look amazing!!! :D

Also I ordered two bras. They are perfect for my tops I bought the last time at Rakuten!
They have big back necklines so the bras will look gorgeous! hihi :D



I hope the bras fit me. Asians have so small boobies!!! ;_;

bye bye

have a nice day!!! :)

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