Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2012

♥ Assi Gals At Christmas Market

Hello again,

On Sunday Mia organized a meet at the christmas market in Frankfurt.

Actually I didn't felt good that day and I thought about staying at home... but luckily I decided to go to the meet. ^_^

I went with Barbara, Kitai and her boyfriend to Frankfurt.
I was happy to see my gals again! ♥
Unfortunately Ramona was ill and had to stay at home. :/

But anyway, the train ride was so much fun. Kitai and me brought 2 liter hot wine punch.
And we drunk almost everything before we arrived ... we were in a good mood!!!! hahaha xDDD
The whole train compartment stank like glogg.  xDDD
We talked about girl stuff and drunk alcohol... I had a great time!!!
But I felt a little bit sorry for Kitai's boyfriend. I think he didn't knew in what he gets involved!!! :D

When we arrived most of the gals were already there. 
Actually we wanted to go to the christmas market but it rained!!!! -.-
Then we wanted to go to a japanese bakery but it was full of Lolitas!!! hahaha
I couldn't stop laughing when I looked at Kitais face....
Kitai and Lolitas hahahaha ... they will never get along with each other!!!! xDDD
But I understand her. Not long ago one Lolita thing or what ever bitched around why Lolitas aren't welcomed at the Gyaru Lovers Winter Meet. I mean seriously??? It is a GYARU MEET!!! Like the name says!!!! And not a Lolita meet or cosplay meet or visu meet or anything else!!! I hope I don't see any Lolita or Visu! YOU ARE NOT WELCOMED!!! 
I hope it is clear now!!!!
I don't have anything about the styles but we want only Gyarus at a Gyaru Meet!!!
That's understandable, right???
I just wanted to say that so Kitai isn't the evil girl anymore! It's not only her opinion ...

I stole the pic from Mia. I think the collage is perfect!

At our christmas market meet we ended up sitting in an italien restaurant and hanging out at mcdonalds! lol
But it was fun to meet the girls. I haven't seen them for a long time.
There were also girls I haven't met before. But they were really cute and nice! ^_^

Spaghetti .... nom nom nom! :3

Unfortunately we had to go after a few hours because we had a long train ride. 
At the train we drunk the rest of the wine punch and took pics! :)

My Outfit:
Top: Store in Frankfurt (forgot the name)
Skirt: Yesstyle
Tights: Primark
Belt: DreamV

And please ignore my Hello Kitty house shoes!!! xD

By the way, I hope you like my new header and the new layout! ^o^

bye bye

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