Montag, 24. Dezember 2012

♥ Photo Shooting Part 1: The MBS Studios

Helloooo ^o^,

yesterday I had a photo shooting at the MBS studios.
My friend Alex is doing his internship there. Now he wants to promote for a job at MBS and for this he needs a portfolio. And luckily he picked me as a model! Yeahhhh! :DDDD

This was my dressing room:

I had the whole room for me alone ~ hihi!

Alex constructed the photo shoot room while I did my make up and hair.
For the beginning I've chosen a simple make up with bright colors. It's similar to the one I made for the tutorial:

Then it was shooting time!!!

I felt a little bit strange. Everything was new to me. So many lights and stuff around me. I only knew those settings from TV, like Germany's Next Topmodel!!! hahaha xD
BUT I tried my best and I hope Alex was satisfied with my performance! 
I just saw a few photos so I don't know if I was good. 
A photo shoot is really difficult. You have to move and make different facial expressions... but after a while you had done every single pose you remember or have seen. It's not easy but it's so much fun!!!
 I can't describe how happy and excited I was!!!
On Thursday we get the pics ...can't wait to see the results!!!!

One of my outfits:
I had 5 or 6 different outfits but I haven't took pictures of all.

My favourite heels!!! ^o^

In the end of the shooting the dressing room went into chaos! haha xD
Everywhere shoes and clothes! Reminds me at our meet ups!!! Our hotel room always looks like this! xD

All the accessories I brought with me!

Another outfit:
But now with darker make up:

I want to show you more of the studio. It's a huge building. We only were in one floor!!! O.o It has two more floors!!!!

My background:

And this is a models view at a set:

After 5 hours the shooting was finally over!!! It was so much fun but it  was very exhausting!!

Me at the dressing room after I cleaned it up! ;D

I had some time to take pictures and make a video:
It shows some rooms of the studio. In the pictures you can't imagine how big the building is!!!! ^o^
So watch the video, it's short!!! ;)

More pics from the studio:

All backgrounds:

Requisites for room shoots:

In the back of the picture you can see a room setting. Isn't it exciting??? ^O^
I felt like a little kid before getting its christmas presents!!! hahah

It really was fun and I had a great time!!!
Thank you Alex!!!
It was amazing!!!

Just as I get the photos I'll show you!!!

Merry merry christmas!!!!
I hope you have a nice christmas party!!!
bye bye

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