Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2013

♥ TOKYO ♥ DAY 18: Last Day in Shibuya ;__;

This was our last day in Tokyo. 

And of course we spent it in SHIBUYA.

But first we went eating Curry. Kitai discovered this place when she took a walk.

The whole restaurant was decorated with Hello Kitty! So cute! :3

I had Curry with vegetables and Kitai had Curry with shrimps.

It was very delicous! :D 

When we went to Shibuya we bought cigarettes. Kitai got some in pink. They look so cute but their taste was not so good. I bought some packs of my beloved Marlboro and Rilakkuma lighter. :3

We also went to Shibuya 109 and to the d.i.a. store for the last time.
And I bought a fucking expensive d.i.a. top. but it was sooo beautiful! >_<

my 109 gets:

Kitai and me were so sad and melancholic because in a couple of hours we had to leave Tokyo! :(
 Our last hours we spent in a Izakakya. I loved the touch pad for ordering the food.

Then we went to Hachiko and enjoyed the atmosphere. Tokyo is so different and unique.
I almost cried! :'(


Here our last purikuras from Tokyo:

bye bye

on christmas I'll make the disney land and disney sea post. I took a lot of pictures and videos. But I already started editing them! :D

Also the "best of " video is finished. haha it's so funny! :'D

Sooo stay tuned!!! ;)

♥ TOKYO ♥ DAY 17: Velvet in Tokyo, Yukihide's Bar Chimera

Hey :3,

On that day we met some members of our gal circle Velvet.
I was happy to see Amanda and Hans again. Also our lovely Mia joined us! :D

First we went taking purikura:

Then we went to Shibuya 109. There we also met Kate who came from the hair dresser.

While the others were shopping, Kitai, Hans and me took some pictures:

Then we went to Donki because Kitai needed another suitcase! (>_<)

We both bought so much in Tokyo! xD

After Kitai bought a stylish leopard suitcase we splitted up and wanted us to meet in the night again for clubbing. But sadly only Hans joined us! :/

So in the evening Hans, Kitai and me met up with Erina. (The cute gal from day 2! ^_^)
She showed us Yukihide's bar Chimera. I heard a lot of the bar so I wanted to go there absolutely.
For some of you who don't know who Yukihide is. He's a famous men's egg model. Or was beacause mens egg was shut down not to long ago! :/
We talked with him and also other men's egg model about gyaru stuff and animes. Everyone was so nice and made sure we had a good time! :3

In the bar you could play darts or sing karaoke. I love lively bars like this a lot!
I had so much fun. ^__^

 with beautiful Erina! :3
Kitai, Hans, me, Yukihide

 Yuki also invited us for 2 rounds tequila! :D

Later we met with Ina and her friends. And then we went for the last time to club Atom. :'(

But it was amazing like always! :3



bye bye


Sonntag, 8. Dezember 2013

♥ TOKYO ♥ DAY 13+14: Shonen Jump Shop & Karaoke


On our 13th day we went to Tokyo station because we wanted to go to the Shonen Jump Shop.

When we arrived at the station we walked in the wrong direction. We had to ask one of the station staff where to go. I think it took half an hour since we arrived at the shonen jump shop! xD haha
Tokyo station is really huge and there is a big shopping district in the station. Just amazing. It took a while since we had seen all of the stores!

and oh lord my poor wallet!!! Actually I wanted to buy some Naruto stuff in the store but most of their items were from animes I even didn't know. Q_Q 
I was really disappointed. I thought they would have more Naruto stuff. It seems only One Piece is big in Japan.... :/
Anyway... there was a Rilakkuma store!!! and of course I bought some more Rilakkuma shit! xD

Sorry for being ugly that day. But I wasn't in the mood for doing my hair or make up! >_<

I bought this big pillow and a pencil case.
The pillow cost only 2,500 yen! :D

DAY 14

Sadly Kitai got sick. :/ She had stomachache! She couldn't even walk. I felt so sorry for her! :'(

I already got ready so I left alone to meet Ina and Eriko.
Eriko also brought some friends.

In Shibuya we went taking purikura and then to a Karaoke bar. :3

 at karaoke bar:

Everybody is having fun! :)

After 1 hour karaoke Erikos friends left. And Ina, Eriko and me went to Harajuku.

 We had dinner at McDonalds and then Ina took us to a live concert.
The band name was Crazy Shampoo.

I liked the concert. Actually the band is really good. :)
Thank you Ina for taking me there! :3

After the concert Eriko and me went home!
I had a nice day but it was sad that Kitai couldn't come with us! :/

 On my way home I saw this big final fantasy poster. They had it everywhere in Shibuya! :D


bye bye


I loved to hang out with Eriko. She is such a cute gal. 
I hope we can meet again! ^__^


Samstag, 7. Dezember 2013

♥ TOKYO ♥ DAY 12: Meeting Eriko & Clubbing at Atom


we met Kitais friend Eriko. Kitai knows her from her trip to Tokyo 2 years ago.

First we went taking purikura in Shibuya.

After our puri session we went to Shibuya 109.
 Eriko likes d.i.a. too so we went to the d.i.a. store AGAIN! hahaha
 me and Kitai in the d.i.a. store
After 109 we went to the Gyaru Café 10sion.
Surprisingly we met Kayo there. I knew her from facebook but I did not know that she was working in the Gyaru Cafe. xD
Also she is a friend of Eriko. ^_^
We had a nice talk with her about gaijin gyarus and all the trips she made.
It was very interesting! I hope one day she comes to Germany! :3

Here some pics of the Café:

They had a lot of gyaru magazines on the tables! Very nice! :D
Too bad we were there only once! :/

 Eriko, Kitai, me, Kayo

 Eriko took a picture of my nails.
It's the only pretty one I have...

 We got hungry so Eriko searched on the internet for some nice place to eat. Since we haven't had sushi until we arrived in Tokyo we decided to go to a Sushi Bar. :)

It was a nice restarant near Shibuya station. The food was cheap and delicious! :3

We talked a little bit and then Eriko said she never went clubbing in Tokyo.
So we decided to go to club Atom together! :D yaayy!!!

 We split up so that me and Kitai could take a nap. >_<

 And at mitnight we met Eriko again. Also Ina joined us!
We went to our favourite Izakaya with the free edamame! ;3

The staff took a picture of us .... my hair is just Q_Q ... that damn air moisture!!! >_>

We had some cocktails and I also drunk something with whisky. I think it was ginger ale with whisky...very delicious! *_*

Then we went to club Atom. It was very crowded ...but it was awesome.
The music is sooo good and all the people party like crazy until the club closes.
Just amazing! :D

In front of club Atom!

Our after-clubbing-purikuras:

The other post about Tokyo are coming soon.
And there will be a special post only with videos! ^_^

Have a nice evening! :3