Dienstag, 29. Januar 2013

♥ International Gyaru Lovers Winter Meet (Heavy Pictures)


on the weekend it was the big Gyaru Lovers Winter Meet.

Friday, I traveled with Kitai and Barbara to Düsseldorf.
I was happy to see them again.

After we arrived at the hotel we changed clothes and put our make-up on.
But we were a little bit surprised... our hotelroom was really bad. The light in the corridor didn't worked. Then we put the table lamp in the corridor. But on the table where the lamp stands before there was a huge hole!!! dafq??? I mean really? A fucking hole! xDDD
hahaha and the ventilation was dirty as hell!!! o.O no wonder we all got sick after our 2 days stay.
also there was a white spot on the floor and some coffee spots on the bed ... yeah ...
I'm sad that hotel domo gave us an disgusting room ... we were there before but never had problems. The rooms I had before were clean and everything was fine! :/
Next time I want to try a different hotel!

here some pictures before going outside. I was too lazy to do my hair so I had a straight hair style, which I prefer at the moment! :3

Extra dyed my hair and got new extensions for the meet. My hair is a little bit darker as before and I dyed the bottom part of the extensions gray! Love it! I'm quite satisfied with my hair color and that is very unusual!!! haha

Cardigan: DreamV
Skirt: Yesstyle
Belt: DreamV
Tights: Primark
Shoes: La Sussès

After getting ready we went to the main station where we picked up our friends. Together we walked to OCS and took lots of purikura!! :DDD

Best Puris ever!!! Hahaha
I loooove our hitler puri. ♥
Do you remember when Kitai got the hitler secret??? ahahahaha
so we thought this would be a perfect puri pose!!! and it was!!! xDDD
omg ... Kitai I love you!!! I always have so much fun with you!

Eating at Don:

It was an awesome day! I enjoyed it so much!!!

 Actually we wanted to go out in the evening but we were too tired and went sleeping!!! hahaha
we're getting old!!! buhuhuhu


Finally the big day!!!

We woke up at 9 o'clock. But I haven't sleeped that well so I was tired ... the others too.
haha after a while hanging out on facebook and eating we slowly got ready! xD
I remember when I saw a picture of Rox completely ready for the meet... and we sat in front of our laptops without any makeup and in pyjamas... with glasses hahaahaha xDDD
Don't know why we were so unmotivated!!!

More or less we were punctual at Düsseldorf main station! (only 10 minutes to late xD)

Lots of gals were already there. Until everybody arrived we had to wait till 2 pm.
But that was ok so you could talk to all the gals! ^___^

I'm happy that so many gals from different countries came ... all over Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain ...

Sadly I couldn't talk to everyone! :/

Group pics:


Thank you Binh for the group pics! He always takes great pictures.
If you want to see more click here!!!

I still remember when and old man run with his walking aid through the picture while staring at us!!!!
hahaha so hilarious!!!! xD

after the group pics we all went to OCS.
Look at the huge line!!! Amazing!!!

After a while we split up in groups and everyone could do what he wanted to! :3

Make-Up & Hair:

I bought the lenses for the meet and I love them. The diamond design is beautiul!

Eye Make-Up:

Upper Lash: Diamond Lash Angel 2x + half lash from essence
Lower Lash: Diamond Lash Sweet Eye
Circle Lenses: Barbie Eye Diamond Brown

Soon I make a review about my new lenses. ^_^ 


On Friday it was nice to take puris but on the meet! X__X
I thought I wated 1 hour for only ONE time purikura. -.-

We were not in the mood to wait any longer! 
My feet were hurting and I was HUNGRY ... so we went to Don but it was to small for all of us...
plans changed and went eating at Kiku Sushi!

nom nom nom...sushiiii! ♥ Haven't eat it for a long time!

Then we decide going to OCS again!!! hahaha xD

The line was long but not as long as before!!!

while waiting ....... :3 Thank you Jenny for the photo!!!
It was nice to meet her again!!!

Our groups split up again and everbody went to the hotel for changing their outfits!!!

I allowed myself a bubble tea. Kiwi Black Tea with Strawberry Bobas.

I arrived with Kyo at the hotel and you already could hear them partying!!!!

Wesley, Kira, Daiana, Venus and her friend had rooms in the same hotel. This was really practical!!!
Party hard!!!! :DDDD

stole the pic from Daiana! ^__^

Alcohoool!! :DD

We watched some funny videos.
It was hilarious when we played poi poi xDD everyone sang along!!!
I'm sure the whole hotel heared us!!! hahaha

Omg I had so much fun ... :D

At 20:30 we met us at the main station again.
And we went to a bar. (Forgot the name!)

Me, Kitai, Yoshi, Riina
Me, Barbara, Daiana

Sadly Barbara left us after a while. Her eyes were irritated from the circle lenses! :/
After she went home Kitai left too. -.- She had bad headache! :(
It's sad they couldn't party with us all night long! :(

 More Pics:

I was happy to talk with Hysterical and Jojo.
They are all so awesome and nice. I love their styles!!! 

Later we went to a karaoke bar. And some went to clubs.
I took pics... but I think it's better not to upload them!!! xD
I came home at 9am in the morning!!!! o_____o
hahahaha xD
It was amazing!!! Best night ever!!!! :DDDDD
(by the way ... Riina I love you! ♥)

... and of course it was fun to meet the other girls and boys!!! I had so much fun and I hope we can meet us again!!!! ♥

bye bye Düsseldorf .... :'(

bye bye