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♥ Crazy Party Weekend With Riina


sorry that I didn't blog for a while but since 4 weeks I don't have internet!!!
It's the worst thing ever!!! I feel like a stone age man ...cut off from the world!!! lol xDDD

Last weekend I visited my beloved Riina in Düsseldorf!!! ♥

Friday evening I took the train at 6pm but I arrived at 23:30.
I was so tired! ;__;

A friend of Riina drove us home. So nice! :3
Actually we wanted to make a movie evening and than go to bed early...
BUT we ended up talking all night long while 2 movies played .... and we didn't even listen ... hahahahahaha xDDD

Next day: Getting ready for Düsseldorf!!!!
It was the last time for me to take Purikura, because the OCS closes in the end of march. ;___;

On this day my bangs drove me crazy! Everytime I looked in the mirror my hairdo was ok... but when I took a picture there was a fucking WHOLE in my bangs!!! -.-

Me without any make up and me ready dressed up! ^_^
It's a huge different. Can't say how thankful I am for make up. hahahaha xD

It only took 15-20 min from Riina's home to Düsseldorf.
When we arrived we first got some Bubble Tea!!! nom nom nom! :D
Then we went to OCS. Everything was on sale. I bought a cute mirror and deco stuff for my nails. ^_^ While we waited for Aiko we met some other gals.

After shopping and taking Purikura we actually wanted to eat at Don. Buuuut it was already closed. Than we run to Naniwa but the line was too long .... xDDD so in the end we ate at Kiku Sushi. I went there last time and I'm quite satisfied with the restaurant.

As we wanted to go one strange guy came to us and said: "Are you some Anime girs???"
and we were like: eehh NO!!! xD
Guy: "Is there any convention or so? You look like those girls! Your eyes are soooo big. Somehow they look creepy!!!" and then he wanted our mobile number so we can meet later and go clubbing.
WTF was that???? xDDDD I mean ... seriously??? what guy who wants to pick up girls says that their eyes look creepy!!! hahahaha such a nerd!!!!

Later in the evening we met Jojo, Sascha and Vanessa.
Sadly we couldn't spent so much time together. But we had some interesting conversations!!! hahahaha :DDDDDD
After a while everybody went home!!! :'(
But me, Riina and 2 friends went clubbing! hihi

First we went to the cocktail and shisha bar Chillout.

I know how I complained that my cocktail "Zombie" had not enough alcohol!!!! hahahaha
Well .... there was enough in it. After my second cocktail I was in a very goooood mood!! Riina too!

We look a little bit destroyed ... but this was definitely one of the best photos!!!

Toilet pictures ... lol
But they went out quite good! ^_^
Our outfits:
Riina lend me her d.i.a jumper and the necklace which she did by herself!!! 
I loved my outfit!!! Thank you again!!! ♥
Riinas outfit was also from d.i.a. She has the original d.i.a. belt. I'm jealous!!! xD

Thereafter we went to the club called Kuhstall! (Kuhstall=cowshed)
hahahaha the name says everything about this disco. You better be drunk if you go there. haha
But the night was amazing. I had soooo much fun.
We also took pics and videos there but it's better not to show them!! :'D
Right, Riina??? ;)

The club had a pole. And there was a cleaning woman on the platform and danced on the pole.... hahahahaha This was so hilarious!!!! xDDD

At 5:30 we took our train home. I was so dead!!! xD
I wonder how I managed to remove my make up and put out the lenses!!! haha

On Sunday there wasn't anything special. We slept the whole day!
In the evening I had to go home! :'(

Best party night ever!!! I miss Riina so much!!! I wish she could party with me in Nbg.
Can't wait to see her again! ♥

A gift from Riina. So cute!! Thank you honey!!! :-*
I started reading the second book. It's so funny! ^o^

This was my weekend in Düsseldorf. I enjoyed every second of it!!!

bye bye

Purikuras and the things I bought I'll show you in the next post!!!
Have a nice evening, gals!!!! :-*

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